Easy User Experience Testing

Leverage our state-of-the-art usability testing platform, as well as a proprietary panel of almost 1,100,000, to rapidly receive qual and quant research of almost any Persona, globally.

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Some of the thousands of companies that have optimized their user experience by partnering with Userlytics:

Some of our State of the Art Capabilities

Advanced Video Capture & Editing

Take advantage of picture in picture recordings, automated transcriptions, hyperlinked annotations and even highlight reels for both unmoderated and moderated UX testing.

Quantitative & Qualitative Metrics

Leverage advanced quantitative metrics such as time on task and success/failure metrics, SUS and NPS, SEQ, rating questions and more.

Tree Testing & Card Sorting

Optimize the information architecture (IA) of websites, mobile/desktop apps, and prototypes by exploring participants’ mental model as they categorize and search for items.

Live Conversations

Easily launch a moderated UX test or an in-depth interview (IDI) by scheduling a live conversation with participants of your own or from our massive global panel.

Easy Onboarding

No requirement for participants to download any application, plug-in or extension (100% “In-Browser”), whether for moderated or unmoderated sessions, so you can easily target B2B testers within corporate firewalls!

Privacy Protection

Leverage the capability to block screen recording during sensitive moments in the UX test journey. EU-US Privacy Shield Certified and fully GDPR compliant.

The Value of Testing in the Design Process

Analytics tells you What. Userlytics tells you Why.

UX Services

The Userlytics Testing Suite is a state of the art platform that allows you to run any combination of moderated or unmoderated user experience studies, usability tests, or card sorting and tree testing projects. Using a variety of features, create the customized user research study that best fits your needs.

Leverage a Global Participant Panel of over one million users and test your website, app or prototype with real people. Or if you’d like, you can provide your own participants or use those of a 3rd party.

Take advantage of our UX Reports by senior UX consultants, complete with detailed recommendations. Benefit from our "best in class" customer service to help you resolve any challenge!

How It Works


Filter your Target Testers

You can use our global panel, implement a custom screener and leverage our unique demographic filters, or choose to use your own participants


Create your Test

Define the tasks users need to complete on your website, app or prototype. Use advanced UT metrics such as time on task, success/failure, SUS, or SEQ.


Get Real Feedback

In just minutes, you will receive qualitative and quantitative data and insights on your platform’s overall usability. Use our instant time stamped and searchable AI-based transcription service.


Share the Results

Easily share individual clips, or highlight reel compilations, or entire projects to any stakeholder or member of your team; you can even customize the logo and scheme of the shared study to fit your brand’s aesthetic

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