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The Wonders of Userlytics’ Analytical Tools

AI-Powered Analysis of UX Video Sessions

Userlytics’ AI UX Analysis tool uses artificial intelligence to uncover insights about user behavior from session transcripts. It enhances decision-making by automatically synthesizing and providing actionable insights, revealing deeper aspects of user experiences, and integrating effortlessly into Userlytics’ suite for comprehensive user interaction understanding.

Moderated Studies

Userlytics’ ULX Score®: A Holistic UX Metric

Assessing 18 vital attributes like Usability, Affinity, and Distinction, Userlytics’ ULX Score® delivers an in-depth index for a complete user experience analysis. Developed by experts and tested extensively, it’s ideal for iterative evaluations and benchmarking.

Userlytics’ Sentiment Analysis: Quick, Intuitive Emotion Insight

With Userlytics’ Sentiment Analysis, swiftly identify user sentiments—positive, negative, or neutral—in sessions, cutting down manual review time. Its clear interface offers instant insights, aiding efficient A/B testing and competitive analysis, and streamlines gathering actionable data to enhance UX.

Userlytics’ Video Analysis Tool

Leverage Userlytics’ advanced video features: quick-review video transcripts in multiple languages, time-stamped and hyperlinked for ease, along with picture-in-picture playback and shareable highlights. Scale your UX research effortlessly while saving time and gaining invaluable insights!

System Usability Scale: Efficient UX Assessment

Userlytics’ SUS provides a 0–100 usability score for easy comparison across systems. Use pre-set activities for quick participant feedback, with scores above 68 indicating above-average usability. It’s an industry-standard, easy-to-set-up tool, proven for evaluating usability across designs and competitors, enhancing your UX testing.

BioSensor Tracking: Advanced Engagement Analysis

Userlytics’ BioSensor Tracking uses wearable tech like Smart Watches to measure participant engagement and focus during interactions. It offers deeper insights into attentiveness and emotions, complementing standard metrics. This tool helps detect nuanced emotional responses, enriching understanding beyond self-reports. Currently in beta for desktop website and prototype testing with Userlytics’ Global Panel.

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