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It’s More than Usability… Benchmark the entire 360º of the User Experience with the ULX Score.

Want to benchmark all the attributes (usability, desirability, appeal, trust…)  that impact the user experience? Introducing the first 360º UX measurement, the Userlytics’ ULX Score.

The ULX Score is an index that measures and compares 18 key UX related attributes, such as Affinity, Distinction, Usability, and more, and then produces an overall score. The overall score is composed and calculated from 8 separate constructs that represent different elements of customer and user experience.

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The ULX Score Delivers a Holistic 360º User Experience Benchmark

If your app or website has great usability, but no one wants to use it (lack of appeal), would you be happy? Or how would you feel if it is extremely engaging, but it never comes to mind when a potential customer searches for that product or service? There are multiple facets that go into user experience, of which usability is only one. The Userlytics’ ULX Score enables you to go beyond usability and benchmark your asset over time (and vis a vis competitors) for a 360º holistic view of the user experience, by analyzing 18 user experience related attributes organized into 8 key constructs, something similar tools lack.

Designed internally by our Professional Services team, the ULX Score has been extensively statistically tested and refined by virtue of our proprietary participant panel  of nearly 2 million participants and extensive qualitative / quantitative UX testing and research. We are pleased to offer you the ability to track the user experience of your digital assets through a comprehensive assessment of 18 attributes; you can use the ULX Score to iteratively measure and compare your user experience over time and asset version, as well as vis a vis competitor designs. 

Identifying and solving UX challenges has never been easier.

The ULX Score Provides you with 3 Essential Pieces of Information


A comprehensive ULX score


Scores for each of the 8 separate constructs

 (Appeal, Adequacy, Distinction, Usability, Trust, Performance, Affinity, and Appearance)


Individual scores for the 18 key attributes, giving you a clear picture of how your digital asset is performing across the board

Data you can Trust

We did our research to ensure the ULX Score collects data on the most important aspects of product usability. During its initial development, the ULX Score data was collected from our global panel of nearly 2 million participants to ensure that it’s an accurate and holistic metric for assessing the overall user experience, including usability, appeal, distinction, and trust – making it an ideal diagnostics solution that is only available via Userlytics.

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