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Expert UX Consulting to Improve Your Digital Solutions

Who makes up our UX Consulting team?

An international team of UX researchers

Our UX Consulting Team of UX researchers are spread across multiple countries, including the U.S., Canada, Spain, and more, providing you with a diverse approach to UX research and testing.

A diverse team of UX researchers completing a UX consulting task

Our team has extensive understanding of international markets, including how to adhere to cultural norms, how to identify key areas of interest, how to protect user data, and more.

UX researchers speaking different languages

Our UX Consulting team members can collectively speak 10 different languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese.

UX researcher with a wide industry knowledge

Our UX researchers have postgraduate degrees in market research, psychology, design, engineering, education, cognitive science, and media, and experience in industries ranging from government, to online retail, to consumer goods.

On-demand services


Complete UX Projects

If you are in a time crunch or simply want someone to take the labor of conducting UX testing off your hands, our UX Consulting team can run an entire project for you. One of our UX researchers will meet one-on-one session with you to learn more about your brand and the insights you are looking to gather before diving into the project.


Study Plans and Training

Let us create a carefully tailored UX study that delivers you the user insights you are looking for. Or if you need a little guidance before diving into your UX research and testing, we can conduct one-on-one training sessions with your team, giving you guidance on how to plan and run a study, and key insights to look for.



Let us reduce your workload by supplying a trained UX moderator for your Moderated Testing studies who will get the most out of your participants. Our professionally trained UX researchers will make your participants feel comfortable, and allow for the most authentic UX insights.


Analysis & Reporting


EZ UX Analysis

EZ UX Analysis is an all-in-one way to receive detailed recommendations for optimizing your user experience without lifting a finger. Just answer our short questionnaire about your testing needs, and then our UX researchers will prepare and launch your study and present results to you within a two-week timeframe. All at a low, fixed cost!


ULX Benchmarking Score

Created by our UX Consultancy Team, the ULX Score is an index that identifies strong and weak areas of your digital asset, assessing 18 key UX related attributes, and producing 8 unique constructs’ and an overall score.
The ULX Benchmarking Score serves as a great starting point for brands into UX research, as it will provide insights into how your digital asset compares to others and will guide you into what research and actions can be taken to improve the results obtained.

Advanced UX methodologies

Our UX Consulting team can apply a wide-range of methodologies to help optimize your study.
Click on the methodologies to learn more:

  • Usability Testing

    Present users with activities to perform while using your product in order to identify usability and user experience issues.

  • Surveys

    Ask objective questions to a large sample size so as to receive validation of hypothesis.

  • Moderated Testing

    Our professional consultants can moderate a Moderated Testing to conduct a deep dive into the motivations and unmet needs and goals of participants.

  • Focus Groups

    Have a Moderated Testing with multiple participants simultaneously to uncover qualitative insights.

  • A/B Testing and Preference Testing

    Contrast the experiences and perceptions between two different test assets or between a production asset and a prototype asset. Uncover conscious & unconscious preferences.

  • Marketing and Advertising Content Testing

    Present users with various marketing materials to determine if your messaging is resonating with your target audience.

  • Concept Feedback Tests

    Understand how participants feel about new ideas or features before building your prototype.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Discover insights in how the competition differs from your production assets or prototypes in terms of customer and user experience.

  • Customer Journey Mapping

    Observe the path users take throughout their journey to identify their needs, pain points, and other opportunities for improvement.

  • Diary Studies

    Follow users as they interact with your product across multiple days, weeks, or months.

  • Heuristic Analysis

    Compare your digital product’s design to a list of predefined principles to identify where the product is not following those principles.

Sofia y Valentina
Sophia Schaller

Sophia Schaller, an accomplished UX Researcher at Userlytics, shapes her work with a robust educational background in Cognitive Science and Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media. Fluent in German and English, her multicultural upbringing enriches her research with diverse perspectives. Sophia's journey into UX research began during her Bachelor's program, gaining practical exposure through internships. Empathy, attention to detail, flexibility, and collaboration define her approach, rendering her a valuable asset in enhancing digital experiences at Userlytics.

Valentina Rosa

Valentina Rosa, a seasoned Senior UX researcher, excels in deciphering user behavior and enhancing interactions. With a background in Industrial Engineering, Strategic Design, and Fashion, her commitment to understanding user-product dynamics shines through. Fluent in Portuguese and English, her multicultural background enriches her research. Valentina's passion for human behavior led her to craft insightful recommendations, aligning research with client goals to leave a tangible impact. Her strategic approach fosters innovation, prioritizing research questions for meaningful advancements.

Tammy y Sarita
Tammy Yung

Tammy, a UX researcher with a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and a B.A. in Economics, offers a unique perspective shaped by her interdisciplinary background. Her wealth of experiences provides valuable insights into user interactions and behaviors. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, her multicultural upbringing enables seamless communication, crucial in moderated interviews. Tammy's ability to address cultural differences enriches her understanding of user motivations, enhancing the relevance of her design solutions. Her passion for psychology and technology drives impactful research projects, notably in health and wellness apps optimization.

Sarita Saffon

Sarita Saffon, a Senior UX Research Consultant at Userlytics, boasts diverse academic credentials in Psychology, Sociocultural Studies, and Market Research. Fluent in Spanish, English, and French, her multicultural background enhances her commitment to understanding user experiences. Transitioning from brand studies at Young & Rubicam to UX research at Telefonica’s Digital R&D division, she led international AI projects. At Userlytics, Sarita employs varied methodologies to balance client expectations and user needs, articulating findings effectively through visuals for academic recognition.

Ananya & Andreea
Ananya Kashyap

Ananya Kashyap, a talented UX Researcher at Userlytics, specializes in Human-Computer Interaction, leveraging degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and English. Based in Bangalore, India, her linguistic skills aid research across regions. Fascinated by human behavior towards machines, she prioritizes app and interface engagement, notably redesigning her university's course page. Ananya's empathetic approach and attention to detail yield actionable insights, enhanced by visual tools and cultural considerations. Her goal: meaningful contributions and improved user experiences globally.

Andreea Muntean

Andreea, with a degree in marketing communications specializing in research methodologies and consumer behavior, excels in UX research. Fluent in Romanian and proficient in Spanish, she values linguistic diversity, incorporating cultural considerations into her work. With skills in empathy, attention to detail, and data analysis, Andreea tailors her approach to research questions and product development, ensuring effective communication of findings through comprehensive research decks and accessible UX research repositories for stakeholders.

Nigina y Carlos
Nigina Aktamova

Nigina Aktamova, a talented UX Researcher at Userlytics, merges sociology and market research backgrounds for impactful insights. With a Sociology degree from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia, she adeptly employs diverse research methodologies. Fluent in Russian, Uzbek, and English, she prioritizes cultural considerations. Driven by exploration, her passion for UX research blossomed during her time as a market researcher, utilizing qualitative and quantitative methods for comprehensive insights. With her educational and cultural acumen, Nigina is invaluable to Userlytics' team.

Carlos del Rio

Carlos Del Rio, a UX Researcher at Userlytics, merges Sociology, Political Sciences, and Art History studies. Proficient in quantitative and qualitative analysis, he identifies UI/UX trends and user pain points.

Carlos views UX as dynamic, adapting to diverse contexts like Nigeria. His enthusiasm drives contributions, especially in health platforms for pregnant mothers and vulnerable families.

Leveraging Userlytics, he conducts comprehensive studies, emphasizing simplicity in UX design for better user experience.

Nigina y Carlos
Caroline de Souza Fróes

Skilled UX Research Consultant, blends a diverse academic background in Computer Science, Internet Systems, and an MBA in Creative Economy. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, her multicultural upbringing fuels her curiosity and communication skills. Fluent in Portuguese and English, with ongoing German studies, Caroline's linguistic abilities enrich her UX research. With experience in various projects, she prioritizes clear communication and transparency, making her a valuable asset to Userlytics.

Tiago Moresco

Tiago Moresco, an experienced UX Researcher, brings expertise in Digital Communications and User Experience Research. His multicultural background and language proficiency facilitate effective communication and cultural understanding in research. Tiago's journey began with market research projects during his BA, evolving into UX research across Brazil, Mexico, and Portugal. He emphasizes qualitative, cross-cultural research, leveraging skills in data analysis and communication to enhance product experiences at Userlytics.

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