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Optimize your information architecture with Tree Testing

With tree testing tools, you can identify navigation issues early on and make improvements to ensure your users can quickly find the information they need.

Tree Testing
Tree Testing

What is Tree Testing?

Tree Testing is an advanced usability feature that is used to improve the information architecture of websites, apps and prototypes.

It consists of asking the participants to use a hierarchical “Map” or “Tree” to find a product or theme, such that you can verify the validity of the information structure and findability of different products or themes on a site, mobile app or prototype.

Learn key insights about your users

Learn key metrics about your target audience like the following:


Success Rate

 The percentage of users who found the right category for that task.


First Click

The category most people selected first.


Time Spent

Average time spent on completing the task.



The percentage of users who went to the right category immediately, without backtracking or trying any other categories.

Additionally, you will see our Artificial Intelligence (AI) based recommendations leverage an advanced proprietary algorithm as well as success rates in similar industries.

Tree Testing

Leverage our UX Consulting for your Tree Testing needs

In addition to our platform and global panel, we offer optional UX Consulting such as designing the Card Sorting study script, analysis and reports with recommendations, diary studies, moderated testing, project management for testing with children (including parental consent) and similar.

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