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Some of our user interface and UX testing tools

  • Picture-in-Picture Usability
    Testing Videos
  • Branching Logic
    ("Conditional Logic") in the User Experience Testing Task Flow
  • Time on Task User
    Testing Metrics
  • Success/Failure Usability
    Testing Metrics
  • System Usability Scale
  • Single Ease Question
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Hyperlinked Annotation of User Experience Research Video
  • Shareable UX Research Testing
    Project Dashboard
  • Private Labelling of User
    Experience Research Test Results

Optimize the Usability Experience

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Usability Research has never been so easy!

Select your target audience. Define the goals participants will have in order to elicit the behaviour and decisions you expect them to choose. View the process by which online users find the resources they need. And then sit back and receive in no time the reports and data that will guide your development decisions for improving the ROI of software, the usability of devices and the marketing of your services and products.

Qualitative research is about more than testing software or uncovering usability issues; it allows you to establish a continual source of iterative feedback into the behaviour and aspirations of your audience, source ideas that your designers can use in an agile UX fashion, and ultimately, delight your customers and users.

Whether you are conducting mobile testing, website user experience explorations, application usability research, or any other type of UX research methodology, Userlytics can help you deliver a scalable and personalized remote usability testing solution, with a full complement of professional services such as test script design, data review and analysis and in-depth reporting with detailed recommendations.

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