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Catalyzing User-Friendly Digital Spaces

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An Exclusive Interview with Alejandro Rivas Micoud, CEO of Userlytics

In the ever-evolving world of user experience and usability testing, one individual leads enterprises in creating a more user-friendly digital realm. Meet Alejandro Rivas Micoud, the CEO of Userlytics, and join Website Planet for an insightful exploration into the world of user experience

Please present Userlytics to our audience:

Userlytics is a global user experience and usability testing platform, established in 2009. We are recognized as one of the leaders in user experience research worldwide. We are proud to serve enterprise customers in 36 countries, conduct projects in over 79 countries, and maintain a proprietary panel of over 2 million participants.

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

Fourteen years ago, understanding why users succeeded or failed in achieving their intended goals and user journeys required setting up physical labs, which was time-consuming and costly. Userlytics and similar remote user research pioneers revolutionized this scenario, paving the way for a more agile UX process. To put it in perspective, physical labs are akin to dentist offices, necessitating infrequent, expensive, and often painful interventions. Userlytics is like a toothbrush and toothpaste, promoting frequent and repetitive usage to minimize visits to the dentist.

What services do you offer?

Userlytics offers a range of services, including:Moderated Usability Testing: Live sessions with a moderator guiding the participant and invisible observers analyzing interactions in real time, all conducted remotely.
Unmoderated Usability Testing: Participants engage with the test independently, recording their actions and commentary in a “picture-in-picture” format.
Card Sorting: An information architecture study that helps improve website or mobile app information architecture by analyzing participants’ mental mapping.
Tree Testing: Participants locate specific products/categories within a hierarchical menu to optimize information architecture.
Benchmarking the User Experience: Utilizing the proprietary “ULX Score” to assess user experiences over time and against the competition.
Mixed Method User Research Methodologies: This includes diary studies, A/B testing, first-click testing, heatmaps, and more.

What is the mission of Userlytics?

Userlytics’ mission is to make the world, especially the digital world, more user-friendly.

What separates you from other similar websites/companies?

Userlytics stands out in a few key ways:We are rated as “best in class” for customer service and support.
We offer a comprehensive suite of UX research methodologies in one platform.
We maintain one of the largest proprietary global panels of user research participants.
Our pricing model allows enterprise clients to have an unlimited number of seats/accounts at no extra cost, promoting the democratization of user research across organizations.

How do you envision the future of your industry?

We see artificial intelligence making a significant impact on our industry, reducing the cost and time required to uncover qualitative insights from video-based user research studies. This transformation will make these services accessible to enterprises of all sizes, ultimately improving the user experience of websites and mobile apps universally.

Catalyzing User-Friendly Digital Spaces

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Catalyzing User-Friendly Digital Spaces

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