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Insights with AI-Powered UX Analysis of Video Sessions

AI-powered UX analysis
User experienced AI UX analysis

Experience the Revolution of AI in UX Analysis

Artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded over the past year, and now we are bringing its power to user research. AI-powered tools and techniques enable UX researchers to easily scale the amount of qualitative video sessions they can launch and extract insights from.

Our AI UX Analysis and machine learning based algorithms work by auto analyzing AI based session transcriptions and then summarizing key themes and actionable insights.

Unlock Actionable Insights with AI UX Analysis

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to scale your user experience research and save time conducting UX analysis with Userlytics’ AI UX Analysis tool. This state of the art tool automatically provides a summary of actionable insights and key points from your qualitative user experience video based studies. This allows you to quickly identify the root cause of UX problems, as well as scale the number of studies and sessions you launch and extract insights from by orders of magnitude.

AI powered Insights for UX analysis

Unlock these Invaluable User Testing Benefits


Time and
energy saving:

Our AI UX Analysis tool is an automatic system that generates insights from qualitative video based user experience recorded sessions, eliminating the need to spend hours watching multiple session videos and enabling you to launch and analyze more sessions.


human bias:

By automating the analysis of user sessions, AI UX Analysis reduces human bias. It is important to note that AI can introduce its own element of bias, so the system is best leveraged as a supplement, not a substitute, of human based analysis.



AI UX Analysis is complementary to Userlytics’ suite of UX reporting tools, such as the ULX Score for continuous benchmarking, and Sentiment Analysis. Adding this reporting tool will provide you with another layer of actionable insights.


Focus on the main issues:

AI UX Analysis goes beyond examining topics explicitly discussed in user sessions. Instead, it meticulously analyzes all user interactions, capturing even the subtlest nuances, enabling you to conduct comprehensive UX analysis and uncover the main themes that shape the user experience

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