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Optimize your UX with multi-channel testing

Until now it has not been possible to conduct scalable simultaneous offline and online user experience testing at an affordable price. Userlytics is here to help with our multi-channel testing tool.

Multi-channel testing tool
Multi-channel testing tool
Multi-channel Testing

Discover the benefits of multi-channel testing

With our Multi-channel User Testing tool, you can view participants (their mobile screen, in-store or in another offline environment) and listen to their comments as they compare the ease of discovery, pricing, layout and overall experience shopping for products online (on their mobile) with offline (in-store).

Our UX experts can help!

If you need help with best practices, tips, and things you should look out for when designing a study script for an offline or hybrid online/offline UX test, our UX Consulting team and selection of help articles can be a great guide.

Our UX experts can help!

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