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Optimize your UX with multi-channel testing

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Multi-channel Testing

Discover the benefits of multi-channel testing

With our Multi-channel User Testing tool, you can view participants (their mobile screen, in-store, or in another offline environment) and listen to their comments as they compare the ease of discovery, pricing, layout, and overall experience shopping for products online (on their mobile) or offline (in-store).

This comprehensive approach allows you to understand how users interact with your products or services in different contexts, enabling you to optimize the multi-channel testing process.

Tap into UX Expertise for Effective Multi-Channel Testing

If you need help with best practices, tips, and things you should look out for when designing a study script for an offline or hybrid online/offline UX test, our UX Consulting team and selection of help articles can be a great guide.

If you need assistance in crafting effective study scripts for multi-channel testing, including offline or hybrid online/offline UX tests, our UX Consulting team is here to support you. With their expertise, they can provide valuable insights, best practices, and tips to ensure that your multi-channel testing efforts are optimized for success.

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