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Upgrade your usability testing with our Professional Services

Our Professional Services department is a team of experienced and diverse UX researchers that provide full scale, end-to-end research services for studies or test types of all kinds. Our experienced researchers will identify your primary study objectives, and take your project from inception all the way to analysis and reporting, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most – results!

Professional Services

Who makes up our professional services team?

Professional Services

Our Professional Services Team of UX research is spread across multiple countries, including the U.S., Canada, Spain, and more, providing you with a diverse approach to user experience research and testing.

Professional Services

Our team has extensive understanding of international markets, including how to adhere to cultural norms, how to identify key areas of interest, how to protect user data, and more.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team members can collectively speak 10 different languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese.

Professional Services

Our researchers have postgraduate degrees in market research, psychology, design, engineering, education, cognitive science, and media, and experience in industries ranging from government, to online retail, to consumer goods.

On-demand services

Complete UX Projects

Complete UX Projects

If you are in a time crunch or simply want someone to take the labor of conducting UX testing off your hands, our Professional Services team can run an entire project for you. One of our UX researchers will meet one-on-on session with you to learn more about your brand and the insights you are looking to gather before diving into the project.

Test Plans and Training Sessions

Study Plans and Training

Let us create a carefully tailored UX study that delivers you the user insights you are looking for. Or if you need a little guidance before diving into your UX research and testing, we can conduct one-on-one training sessions with your team, giving you guidance on how to plan and run a study, and key insights to look for.

Professional Services


Let us reduce your workload by supplying a trained UX moderator for your Moderated Testing studies who will get the most out of your participants. Our professionally trained UX researchers will make your participants feel comfortable, and allow for the most authentic UX insights.

Analysis & Reporting

Analysis & Reporting

Prefer to leave the heavy lifting to our team of UX experts? Our experienced UX Researchers will build out a well researched report with clear takeaways and actionable next steps to improve your customer experience. Our Professional Services team will be able to identify the biggest areas of improvement for your digital asset.

Professional Services

EZ UX Analysis

EZ UX Analysis is an all-in-one way to receive detailed recommendations for optimizing your user experience without lifting a finger. Just answer our short questionnaire about your testing needs, and then our UX researchers will prepare and launch your study and present results to you within a two-week timeframe. All at a low, fixed cost!

Professional Services

ULX Score

Trademarked by our Professional Services Team, the ULX Score is an index that identifies strong and weak areas of your apps, websites, and prototypes by assessing 18 key UX related attributes, then producing an overall usability score. The ULX Score serves as a great benchmarking guide for your current user experience.

Advanced UX methodologies

Our Professional Services team can apply a wide-range of methodologies to help optimize your study.
Click on the methodologies to learn more:

  • Usability Testing

    Present users with activities to perform while using your product in order to identify usability and user experience issues.

  • Surveys

    Ask objective questions to a large sample size so as to receive validation of hypothesis.

  • Moderated Testing

    Our professional consultants can moderate a Moderated Testing to conduct a deep dive into the motivations and unmet needs and goals of participants.

  • Focus Groups

    Have a Moderated Testing with multiple participants simultaneously to uncover qualitative insights.

  • A/B Testing and Preference Testing

    Contrast the experiences and perceptions between two different test assets or between a production asset and a prototype asset. Uncover conscious & unconscious preferences.

  • Marketing and Advertising Content Testing

    Present users with various marketing materials to determine if your messaging is resonating with your target audience.

  • Concept Feedback Tests

    Understand how participants feel about new ideas or features before building your prototype.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Discover insights in how the competition differs from your production assets or prototypes in terms of customer and user experience.

  • Customer Journey Mapping

    Observe the path users take throughout their journey to identify their needs, pain points, and other opportunities for improvement.

  • Diary Studies

    Follow users as they interact with your product across multiple days, weeks, or months.

  • Heuristic Analysis

    Compare your digital product’s design to a list of predefined principles to identify where the product is not following those principles.

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