In-Store + Online Research: Multi Channel User Experience Analysis

In-Store + Online Research: Multi Channel User Experience Analysis

Your customers learn about and purchase your products using a variety of channels and advertising touch points. They may find a product on facebook, look at reviews online, compare in-store, and then purchase on the retailer’s site.

Or they may see a product in-store, check out pricing on Amazon while standing next to the product, and then purchase in-store.

Or a multitude of other combinations.

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You already have a multi channel sales, marketing, and delivery strategy, so your user experience testing and optimization needs to be multi channel as well.

Have you ever wanted the ability to explore and record experiences from real people, who have been demographically targeted and screened, as they research and purchase your products online and offline?

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Userlytics native mobile apps

With the Userlytics “No SDK” native mobile apps (iOS and Android), you can explore every facet of the mobile (or physical) customer research and purchasing journey. Track every interaction through apps, mobile websites, physical outlets, every possible advertising and messaging touch point, and everywhere and anywhere that your customers may see your advertisement. Additionally, you can see how your participants explore your content, review social recommendations, and purchase your products.

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Record the participants’ faces and surroundings, screens, audio ("speak aloud" commentary), quantitative metrics, and in-store physical outlet experiences as they research and purchase.

The online portion of the test

As an example, a well-known brand research/discovery process was evaluated, online and in-store. And we found that during the online portion of the test, the participant found the desired product in 30 seconds, while in-store he spent 5 minutes looking for it and could not find it!

Lots of interesting implications and strategies come out of that insight!
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