User Test prototypes

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User Test your concept sketches, wireframes and prototypes

Userlytics allows you to user test prototypes throughout the user experience design process including concept sketching and wireframes.

Compare your prototype with a competitor's website to create a baseline usability benchmark.

You can place your prototype online, or upload it to Userlytics secure servers, and receive user testing feedback in hours, even minutes.

Userlytics allows you to create a usability baseline to better understand how your new user experience design will perform against your current website or application. This information could save you thousands in development costs and Beta testing and A/B and Multivariate testing.

Userlytics' online usability results will give you validation of your proof of concept, thus ensuring that you're on the right track. Or help you resolve disagreements among your team by asking the customer for their opinion.

Capture participant's natural environment. Lab based usability studies are extremely useful, in the same way an annual dental checkup is, but if you do not brush your teeth every day, the dental visit will be painful.

The average UI has some 40 usability flaws. Correcting the easiest 20 of these yields an average improvement in usability of 50%. The big win, however, occurs when usability is factored in from the beginning. This can yield efficiency improvements of over 700%.

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