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Web Recorders and Integrations

Advanced web recorders for your remote UX testing needs

Userlytics’ platform utilizes several different web recorder technologies to match your varied testing needs. The articles below will teach you how to use each web recorder to maximize your actionable UX insights.

Advanced web recorders for your remote UX testing needs

Calendar Integration with Userlytics

What is the Purpose of Calendar Synchronization? The integration of your personal or work calendar with Userlytics aims to streamline your project scheduling process. Previously, you had to manually cross-reference your Userlytics schedule with your external calendar. Now, with this feature enabled, your external calendar events will automatically appear in the “Schedule” section of the… Read More »Calendar Integration with Userlytics

What Prototypes are Compatible with Userlytics, and How Do I Test Them?

Prototypes Compatible with Userlytics: Userlytics enables brands to continuously gather user feedback by testing various prototypes. The platform is compatible with any prototype tool that operates in a web browser and can be tested via a link. This includes well-known options such as Figma, Invision,, Axure, Marvel App, and Adobe XD. Once you’ve prepared… Read More »What Prototypes are Compatible with Userlytics, and How Do I Test Them?

How to Use our Moderated Web Recorder

Userlytics’ testing platform uses various web recorders to make remote testing smoother for you and your participants. Our upgraded “Moderated Testing” web recorder provides the most advanced, native moderated user testing experience available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari users. Let’s dive into the details of this updated Moderated Test recorder below. How do… Read More »How to Use our Moderated Web Recorder

How our Unmoderated Testing Recorder Works

Userlytics makes user experience testing easy and efficient with its state-of-the-art no-download web recorder, allowing participants to jump right into your UX studies from their web browser and without downloading any extensions or applications.  Below, we go over the experience your participants will have using our easy-to-use unmoderated testing web recorder. How Will Participants Receive… Read More »How our Unmoderated Testing Recorder Works

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