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How to Launch a UX Study from within Adobe Xd

 By Userlytics
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How to Launch a UX Study from within Adobe Xd

Would you like to conduct usability testing for a prototype developed on Adobe XD? Now, it’s easier than ever! Userlytics developed a plugin just for the prototyping tool that allows you to quickly and easily launch a remote UX study from within the platform.

Below, we’ll go over the steps to launch a UX study from within Adobe Xd:

  1. While you have the prototype you want to test open on Adobe Xd, click on the menu item titled “Plugins.” Then, select the menu item that says “Userlytics” to launch the Userlytics platform
adobe xD
  1. When prompted, enter your Userlytics account username and password.
adobe xD
  1. Name your usability study and designate whether your study participants should access the prototype from a desktop or a mobile device.
adobe xD
  1. Next, decide whether to use your own user testing participants or source participants from Userlytics’ global panel of over 1.4 million testers. You will also need to designate your many participants you would like to complete your study.
adobe xD
  1. Now you will need to select your operating system and create a public link for your prototype so that your study participants can access it.
adobe xD
  1. Lastly, simply click on the button that says “Go to Test script” and launch your study!

Want a hands on demonstration on how to use prototyping tools in conjunction with Userlytics? Schedule a free demo with one of our UX experts today.

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