Optimizing your Information Architecture (IA)

Card Sorting is a popular tool for exploring the “Mental Model” of participants as they search for information, products or solutions and therefore for optimizing the Information Architecture (IA) of websites, mobile apps, desktop applications and prototypes.

  • Ensures you have a coherent information architecture that matches the mental models and expectations of your users and customers.
  • Optimizes the accessibility and ease of discovery of your menus and navigation paths.
  • Explores whether the names of categories and products are understandable and match your user and customer expectations.
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If you are not measuring it, you are not managing it
High-level subjective view of usability

Fully customized tool

You can easily upload the different “cards” (information, products, solutions) you want to evaluate.

Define the categories you want to test (Closed Test), or allow participants to create the categories themselves (Open Test) or combine both methods (Hybrid Test).

You can also randomize the order in which the different elements (categories and cards) will be shown to participants during the test.

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Advanced Reporting System

The Userlytics platform includes an advanced metric system to analyze and share with others the data and insights you obtained.

Leverage different ways of analyzing the data, including Card Report, Category Report… and a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) system with recommendations based on industry, number of categories and products as well as the behavior of participants during the test.

Advanced Professional Services

In addition to our platform and global panel, we offer optional professional services such as designing the test plan/test script, analysis and reports with recommendations, diary studies, moderated testing, project management for testing with children (including parental consent) and similar.