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Benefits of our No-Download Web Recorder

 By Michelle Helo
 Mar 31, 2021
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Userlytics makes user experience testing easy, efficient and fun with its state-of-the-art no-download web recorder. This revolutionary user experience testing recorder allows participants to jump right into usability tests directly with a simple click of a button; this means you can more easily reach out to any customer, prospect or user to obtain UX insights and improve your customer experience right away! Below we go over some advantages of the new and improved UX testing usertesting recorder.

No-Download Required

With our new usertesting recorder, the only thing your participants will need before they can join a usability test is an invitation link. By entering the link into their browser, the participant will automatically be able to join the usability test without having to download any extensions, plugins or applications. This creates a smoother, more enjoyable testing experience for the participant, and allows you to get your test results sooner! Additionally, because participants never have to leave their browser to join a test, our no-download recorder significantly decreases the participant dropoff rate. This improves the overall completion and success rate of your UX tests.

Prevents Firewall Blocks


Planning on conducting UX tests in-house with your own employees? Because the new Userlytics recorder does not require participants to download any external software or applications, targeting B2B Personas within corporate firewalls is easier than ever

Our new web recorder is easy to use, easy to access, and completely safe for all types of computers and operating systems; participants within corporate environments do not have to worry about adding foreign software to their company computers. This means more testing options for you, and more opportunities to improve your brand’s usability!

Easy Onboarding


As mentioned, our new recorder requires no clunky downloads or web extensions to use. Participants simply enter the test link to get started and join a test. The ease of entry and use creates a more seamless onboarding experience for your test participants.

Compatible with Four Major Browsers

Our no-download web recorder allows you to confidently onboard participants with different browser preferences. The recorder is currently compatible with the four most commonly used web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Currently, Userlytics is the only UX testing platform that is compatible on this many web browsers. Our dedication to making user testing available to everyone helps us stand out among our competitors, and creates an easier and more efficient UX testing experience for all our clients.

Compatible with Most Operating Systems


Because our no-download recorder is a web-based technology and does not require any additional downloads or web extensions, it is compatible with most operating systems, including Chromebooks. Participants will be able to easily and efficiently access your usability tests from whatever operating system they are using, giving you more UX insights to improve your customer experience.

Concluding Thoughts

At Userlytics, our goal is to create as many opportunities possible for you to gather actionable UX learnings to improve your platform’s usability. Our no-download web recorder is the latest update in our platform, and makes for an easier and more effective remote usability testing experience. The recorder requires no additional downloads or extensions, creating an easier and more accessible onboarding experience for all types of participants.

Interested in learning more about our no-download web recorder? Schedule a free demo with us today!

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