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Take a tour of our Enterprise User Experience Optimization platform. You’ll find out how fast and easy it is for your team to set up, run, and analyze user testing studies. With your participants, or ours. With your analysts or ours. Customized to your exact needs and budget.

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  • Picture-in-Picture video recording of real participants in their homes and offices
  • Task based user testing branching logic
  • Quantitative Usability Metrics:
    • Time on task
    • System Usability Scale (SUS)
    • Success/Failure ratios
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    • Single Ease Question (SEQ)
    • Pre, post and embedded survey questions
    • Card Sorting
    • Tree Testing
  • Clonable user test scripts for easy benchmarking of prototypes, production & competitor assets
  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII) protection during testing
  • Website user testing
  • Mobile App user testing Testing (Android or iOS, Prototype or Live, Free or Paid)
  • Hyperlinked & shareable annotations, downloadable clips & high light reels
  • Searchable time stamped & hyperlinked video session transcriptions
  • Downloadable user test video files
  • Downloadable user testing metrics & annotations
  • Private labelled user test dashboard results
  • Variable speed review of user testing videos
  • Unlimited user seats & advanced user testing account management


  • Usability study design
  • Project management
  • Global user testing participant panel (B2B and B2C) recruitment & incentive management
  • QA review of each user test result
  • Full Review of user experience tests, analysis, report & recommendations