Branching logic
Bridging the gap between moderated and unmoderated user testing

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Unmoderated user experience testing is highly scalable, and moderated user experience testing allows you to personalize your instructions and questions based on the actions and responses of each user testing participant.

Now you can have both:

A scalable user testing program combined with response & action dependent user test scripts.

User Experience Testing

With the unique branching logic of the userlytics user testing platform, you can set up an unmoderated user testing script where each path and set of usability test instructions and questions is based on the actions and responses of each particular respondent.

Picture-in-Picture Video User Testing with Branching Logic

Now you can design a scalable user testing project that has the flexibility and ability to customize the UX test to the actions and responses
of each UX test participant.

So you combine the control
of test scripts of moderated user testing
with the scalability and geographical reach of unmoderated user testing.