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Defining Personas and Where to Find Them for UX Testing

 Jun 07, 2021
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How do you define and find your target Persona?

Time and time again, user experience testing has proven to be an integral part of retaining customers, bringing in new customers, and improving your overall brand experience. But how do you ensure you are receiving feedback from your target customer so you can tailor your product to their needs? With this webinar, you will learn exactly how to identify your target customer by using real data and insights. Then, once you have an idea of who your target Persona is, we will share how utilizing an advanced UX platform like Userlytics can help you move from assumptions about your target audience, to data based Personas as you go from one stage of development to the next. We will give you a crash course in our advanced recruitment offerings, including our global panel of nearly one million participants and our methodologies for capturing the feedback of highly niche Personas.


You are not your user; while you may think you understand who your target customer is, it is impossible to be certain without gathering data and testing those assumptions through usability testing. Learn how putting forth the resources to define and find your target Persona pays off as you tailor and improve your product to their exact needs. See how utilizing a UX platform with a global panel of participants can help you reach the right audience, and save you time and money in the long run.

About the Author: Userlytics


Since 2009 we have been helping enterprises, governmental organizations, non-profits, agencies and startups optimize their user experience, or UX. With our state-of-the-art platform, massive global participant panel and unlimited accounts/seats for democratizing user research, we are the best all-in-one solution for remote user testing.

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