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Userlytics Launches New Ux Testing Features

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Userlytics Launches New Ux Testing Features: Favorite Activities, Multi-Device Quant Testing, & Mobile Moderation Capability

New features add to Userlytics’ arsenal of advanced UX testing tools and capabilities, helping the brand solidify itself as one of the top remote UX testing platforms on the market

MIAMI, FL – March 16, 2022 — Userlytics, a leading global platform for simplified and scalable remote user experience testing has just launched three compelling, new features: Favorite Activities, Multi-device Quantitative Testing, and a new Mobile Testing Capability for Moderated Studies. These updates will allow for simpler test building, and create a more inclusive, flexible testing environment for test participants who may only have access to certain digital devices. Our latest UX testing features streamline how you gather and analyze user feedback, making it easier than ever to leverage insights from leading user testing websites.

Here is a breakdown of each of the platform’s new features:

  1. Favorite Activities

With this new update, in addition to Popular Activities, which are available to every Userlytics account holder, the platform now features a Saved Activities section unique to each account holder and their team. The update allows users to save their favorite participant activities and questions in the Userlytics Study Builder so that they can quickly be reused in future studies. This is an excellent way to help teams stay consistent with their studies and promote benchmarking analysis over time.

Users must simply hit the heart button next to any existing activity to add it to their library of Saved Activities.

  1. Multi-device Quantitative Testing

With Userlytics’ new Multi-device Quantitative testing update, a single Quantitative test can now be completed by participants from desktops, laptops, mobile phones or tablets, instead of just one type of device per test. In the study builder, clients will be asked to specify whether they want their study to be completed on specific devices, or multi-device.

Additionally, participants no longer need to download a mobile app to take part in quant surveys if joining from a Smartphone, further reinforcing Userlytics’ commitment to practicing what it preaches in terms of the usability and user experience of its platform.

This update also makes it even more seamless for clients to take advantage of the Userlytics website widget to draw participants straight from the web to their surveys with just a click, regardless of the device the participant is browsing from.

  1. Mobile Moderation Capability

Userlytics has also launched an improved native mobile moderation capability that is “Best in Class” for conducting mobile moderated usability studies.

Like the desktop version of Userlytics’ moderated testing, the mobile version allows the study moderator to have near total control of the participant’s device. The moderator is able to view the participant’s screen when the participant is actively using the Userlytics mobile app, share the study script with the participant, and more. The mobile moderated update also allows the study moderator to share their own screen with the participant, even if they are moderating the study from a desktop device, thus allowing for sensitive and confidential digital prototypes to be easily tested with remote participants. During a mobile moderated study, the participant is also able to use native mobile features like zooming in and zooming out when needed.

In addition to these three updates, be on the lookout for the following advanced features and capabilities Userlytics has in its short term pipeline:

  • New “Team Based” Account Management System
  • Improved Study Metrics
  • Study Templates
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Whitelabel Solution

…and more

Userlytics’ new, state-of-the-art features adds to the growing list of compelling capabilities offered by Userlytics, including native integration of both card sorting and tree testing, “invisible” observers for moderated sessions, unlimited seats and accounts, unlimited storage of results, unlimited concurrent testing, unlimited participants per study, “No SDK” mobile apps, automated translation of participant UI, global participant panel of over 2 million and QA reviews of every result session.Learn more about Userlytics by checking out their website, pricing plans, or by scheduling a free demo. Follow Userlytics on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with platform updates and special offers.

About Userlytics: 

Userlytics is a full featured state of the art user experience research platform with a global participant group of over 2 million panelists. Since 2009, Userlytics has been helping enterprises and agencies improve the user and customer experience of their websites, apps and prototypes. With a scalable pricing model and a diverse worldwide panel, Userlytics allows brands to run both moderated and unmoderated usability studies with as many or as few participants as they choose. In addition to its testing services, Userlytics offers a variety of optional UX Consulting including senior UX Consultants in both Europe (Madrid) and the U.S. (San Diego, Austin & Miami) who can help clients achieve actionable UX insights.

New Ux Testing Features

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