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Democratization of User Research

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In this episode, Democratization of User Research, Nicholas discusses the different hurdles that occur when we take on international research and provides insight on  what to be aware of when testing with diverse audiences. Additionally, Nicholas discusses some do the key pros and cons of democratizing research when testing globally, and how valuable it is to rely on partnerships and field-experts when non-UX experts take on international UX.

Some of the key areas examined include:

  • Protecting the credibility of the UX research industry as professionals enter into research
  • Understanding cultural norms before entering into a country
  • The value of UX researchers supporting new practitioners in their UX journey

Democratization of User Research. Katja Woxell is the founder of 3D Communications and host of the UX Nordic Podcast. In this episode, she talks with Nicholas Aramouni, senior UX researcher at userlytics, about democratizing UX research as you go global. This podcast is brought to you by the UX Nordic Conference ( and Userlytics (

About the Author: Nicholas Aramouni

Nicholas Aramouni

Nicholas Aramouni is a Senior UX Researcher and Communications Manager who has developed his qualitative and quantitative knowledge by working within a variety of industries, including music entertainment, media, technology and education. Across his career, Nick has conducted numerous international studies in countries all around the globe, placing importance on developing international partnerships as a means of better understanding the various cultures and markets that push UX researchers further. Nicholas has enhanced his involvement in UX by also working as a marketing content strategist and speaker in the field. He has proudly completed a B.A in Policy Studies, a minor in Business Innovation and a B.A in Education.

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About the Author: Mehdi El Taghdouini

Mehdi El Taghdouini

Mehdi is the Head of Content and Communications at Userlytics. He is skilled at writing clear and engaging content on several topics, especially technology and SaaS products. Before joining Userlytics, Mehdi led the content marketing team of the largest Google Cloud and Google Workspace reseller in the Benelux market. He brings six years of experience in managing content for both startups and large companies. Mehdi holds a Bachelor\'s degree in E-Business and enjoys photography in his spare time. His photography projects have been exhibited in Brussels, Hong Kong, and Barcelona, where he now lives.

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