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Picture in Picture Recording ? Includes the webcam view of participants, the screen they are interacting with, and their audio.
Easy Test Creation
Branching Logic ? For each answer to a question define the next task or question, allowing the personalization of the test script for each participant
Configurable Testing ? Webcam, screen & audio recording + metrics, or only screen & audio recording + metrics, or only audio + metrics
All Digital Assets ? Websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, prototypes, and competitor assets.
Concurrent Testing ? You can launch as many concurrent tests as you wish to run simultaneously
Prototype Testing ? Compatibility with all prototyping platforms such as Invision, Proto, Axure, Adobe XD, Justinmind, etc
Metrics ? A series of quantitative metrics allowing the usability and UX benchmarking of different prototypes, and/or competitor assets (Time on Task, Success/Failure, System Usability Scale ,SEQ,NPS)
Provide your Own Testers ? The ability to use a link or a customizable widget to invite your own participants or those of a 3rd party recruiting firm/panel
PII Protection ? Enables the blocking of screen recording during sensitive moments in the test journey, to protect personal identifiable information
Pricing System
Userlytics Participant Panel ? A global panel of almost 200,000 respondents, segmented by demographic filters and behavioural screeners
Demographic Filters
Custom Recruitment / Screener
Highlight Reel ? A collection of clips, encompasing the key events and comments of each session, identified through shareable and hyperlinked annotations
Audio Transcription ? An AI based audio transcription, time stamped & searchable, allowing you to easily locate key moments in the audio transcription, and click to go directly to the relevant timeline moment in the session recording
Unlimited Admin Seats

Custom Project

For marketing and UX Agencies

30 minute increments
All Countries

Enterprise Plan

For medium companies & large entreprises

30 minute increments
All Countries

Enterprise Unlimited

Bring your own testers

Unlimited NÂș tests
30 minute increments
All Countries


For Startups and small Business

15 minute increments
US, UK, Canada & Australia
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What does "picture-in-picture" mean and why is so important?
"Picture-in-Picture, in the context of usability and user testing, refers to the simultaneous recording of the participant who is undertaking the interactions, and the screen that the participant is interacting with. It allows you to ensure the participant providing you feedback is actually your target Persona. It provides a rich set of contextual insights. And it adds perceptual depth to the UX insights generated by your user experience test session.
What is the Userlytics Global Participant panel?
Almost 200,000 participants, from around the world, segmented by demographic filters and behavoural screeners to enable you to select the most relevant target Personas for your user experience tests.
How does Userlytics differentiate it self from its competitors?
Userlytics was the 1st company in 2009 to offer webcam + screen + audio recording of participants in remote unmoderated user testing sessions. And it remains one of the few platforms capable of doing so today. It is the only platform to incorporate branching logic into qualitative unmoderated UX test scripts. It is one of the few platforms that combines online qualitative video based participant session recording with quantitative data such as time on task, success/failure, system usability scale and other metrics. Also one of the few platforms to enable screen blocking during sensitive moments in the test journey to protect personal identifiable information (PII Protection). It combines a state of the art platform (annotations, highlight reels, transcription...) with a global participant panel, both B2B and B2C, including narrow Persona targets defined through demographic filters and behavioural screeners. With a QA review process to ensure you only receive the best and most insightful feedback.
Why is Branching Logic important?
Unmoderated user testing has the advantage of scalability, whereas moderated usability testing has the advantage of personalization. Branching logic, allowing you to create personalized test scripts that depend upon the actions and responses of each participant, combines the scalability of unmoderated UX testing with the personalization of moderated usability testing.