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Unmoderated Participants fromthe Userlytics Panel

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Unmoderated Participants from the Userlytics Panel

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All Digital Assets (Prototypes, Websites, Mobile Apps...)

All Digital Assets

Websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, prototypes, and competitor assets

Advanced Metrics

Advanced Metrics

A series of quantitative metrics allowing the usability and UX benchmarking of different prototypes and/or competitor assets (Time on Task, Success/Failure, System Usability Scale, SEQ, NPS)

Bring your own Users

Bring your own Users

You have the ability to use a link or a customizable widget to invite your own participants or those of a third party to take your UX test

Unlimited Storage of Results

Unlimited Storage of Results

Userlytics allows you to store an infinite number of test videos and results within your dashboard

Unlimited Concurrent Testing

Unlimited Concurrent Testing

You can launch as many concurrent/simultaneous tests as you’d like

Picture-in-Picture Recording

Picture-in-Picture Recording

Includes an integrated webcam view of participants, the screen they are interacting with, and their audio

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

Enables the blocking of screen recording during sensitive moments in the test journey to protect personally identifiable information

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised best practice framework for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). Our ISO 27001 certification ensures that we have invested in the people, processes, and technology to protect your organization's data and privacy. With Userlytics, you can trust that your private information is safe and secure, and that the business controls and processes we have in place are equipped to handle today’s security threats

Branching Logic

Branching Logic

Define a participant’s next task or question depending on what they answer to the previous question, allowing the test script to be personalized to each participant

Test Annotations

Test Annotations

These are brief comments you can add to specific timeline moments of a video to highlight important events; you can tag annotations to auto create “Highlight Reels”

QA Reviews of each Panel Participant Result

QA Reviews of each Panel Participant Result

A Userlytics expert will assess each participant test result for quality

Extra capabilities of "Pay as you Go" plans


General features

Time increment pricing
We charge on a "per participant" basis, based on the maximum session time you define for each participant.
15 minutes
30 minutes
Screener questions
Build a set of customized questions to target your key demographic.
Minimum number of participants
The minimum number of participants required for this price plan.
No minimum
50 Participants

Advanced features

Highlight Reels
A collection of tagged clips, encompassing the key events and comments of a single project or multiple projects, as well as shareable and hyperlinked annotations.
Card sorting
An information architecture technique that shows how participants group items ("cards"), into categories that either you,the participant, or both define.
Tree testing
An information architecture technique where participants are asked to show where they would go to find a topic/item from within a hierarchical "tree" that you define.
AI Transcriptions
An AI based audio transcription, time stamped & searchable, allowing you to easily locate and jump to key moments in the audio transcription.


Participant Panel
Hone in on your target audience by choosing from our panel of over one million testers.
US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil & India
All Demographic Filters

Support and Security

Personal Userlytics Account Manager
A Userlytics expert is assigned to you to provide advice and support in your test script and overall test planning.

The Userlytics Participant Panel

We manage a panel with over ONE MILLION participants from all over the world with different customs and mindsets

Our panel participants are rated after each test. This allows us to control and improve the quality of the participant’s tests

Our operations team can help you recruit narrow participant profiles, and our professional services team can assist you with expert reporting and analysis

You will have access to our filters by age, country, gender, household income and other demographic criteria. Additionally, you can create a Screener to ask a series of questions that either qualify or disqualify a participant, depending on your requirements

Professional Services

1. Analysis

2. Reporting

3. Recommendations


"Picture-in-picture", in the context of usability and user testing, refers to the simultaneous recording of the test participant and the screen that the participant is interacting with. It allows you to ensure the participant providing you feedback is actually in your brand’s target audience. It provides you with a rich set of contextual insights, and adds depth to the UX insights generated by your user experience test session.