How Remote User Testing Works


We make it easy

Now you can receive daily customer and user testing input on your concepts, prototypes, applications, websites, advertisements and media planning.

Watch and listen to participants, anywhere in the world, as they conduct usability tasks, answer questions, react to stimuli and interact with your prototype or production assets.

  • Upload assets of any type (concept sketches, wireframes, prototypes, ads, videos, etc.) for offline asset user testing, have us do a QA review of every usability result, set up to instructions & survey questions, use our customer support...
  • Take advantage of our hyperlinked in-video annotation/transcription capability, or our project based login credential feature for selectively sharing (& white labeling) access to the results of each usability testing project, and the ability to download individual user testing videos and use and customize as needed.
  • Enable a customized dashboard and set of features/functionality, client specific respondent panel set up and management, conduct native mobile device user testing (Android or iOS, website or App, prototype or live, free or paid), respondent user interface language customization, custom B2B and B2C user experience test recruitment around the world, full verbal transcription with searchable text hyperlinked to timeline moments, user testing study design, usability results review analysis and recommendations.

You can iterate and repeat throughout the user experience design cycle including concept, prototype, Beta, launch, optimization, redesign and everything in between.

Because participants do not need to travel anywhere and can conduct the user testing study in their own home, workplace, or preferred setting when most convenient to their schedule, now you can reach your real Persona, anywhere in the world, at any time, in real time.