The Userlytics User Testing Difference



The Userlytics Difference

Picture-in-Picture User Testing Videos

Picture-in-Picture user testing recordings of participants as they interact with mobile apps and websites. No SDK. No rooting...

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Branching Logic
("Conditional Logic")

Set up conditions (Success or Failure in a particular task, and/or depending upon the answers to questions asked in between...

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System Usability Scale (SUS),

Include pre-formatted System Usability Scale (SUS) questions, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Single Ease Questions (SEQ)...

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Time on Task User
Testing Metrics

Automatically track Time on Task, Success/Failure, SUS, NPS scores and other quantitative usability metrics in addition ...

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Shareable User Testing
Project Dashboard

Ability to view usability test results in the cloud at variable speeds, annotate in-line with hyperlinks to the specific user testing ...

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Global Panel and Recruitment of B2C and B2Bd

Global panel and custom recruitment of B2C and B2B user testing participants, with simple or advanced screeners and demographic filters.

Quality Assurance Review of Every Test

QA review of every usability test result video.

Private Labelling of User
Test Results

Private labeling of shared user testing dashboard results and/or invitation links on a project by project basis.

Usability Test Panel OR 3rd Party Panel

Use of the Userlytics Usability Test Panel OR custom demographic recruitment of user testers OR 3rd party panel user experience ...

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User Testing Executive Summary Report

Optional review and analysis and preparation of a detailed user testing Executive Summary Report with recommendations ...

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No Obscuring of Limited Mobile Screen Real Estates

No obscuring of the limited real estate of mobile screens with tasks & instructions when conducting mobile user testing, and no SDK.

Advanced Account Management Options

Advanced Account Management options, sharing of credits between users, creation of new users, unlimited number of users (seats).


Userlytics Supports

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