Why Userlytics

The Userlytics User Testing Difference

A full featured state of the art platform with a global participant panel

Since 2009 we have been helping multinationals, agencies and innovative firms improve the user experience of their websites, apps and prototypes. Our scalable pricing model and worldwide panel allows for any combination of volume and target Persona, and our professional services include senior UX Consultants in both Europe (Madrid) and the USA (Austin & Miami) who can help you run both moderated and unmoderated studies.

Why Userlytics

State of the Art Features
Capabilities of our usertesting & usability testing platform

PiP Picture-in-Picture

See the participants who are providing feedback. Add contextual non-verbal communication insights to your projects.

Privacy Protection
(PII Protection)

With this feature you can block the recording of the screen (while maintaining webcam and audio...

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The customized (unlimited) screener capability allows you to better define your target person, adding...

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With this logic you can redirect participants to certain tasks based on the answers of a previous question.

Private Labeling
("White Labeling")

With this feature you can use your own logo instead of the Userlytics logo, as well as your own colour code...

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Preformatted and automatically calculated. And hyperlinked with deep links so you can easily move...

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Automated and

With this feature you can receive an AI generated searchable transcription of...

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Annotations &
Highlight Reels

You can identify key pain points and insights, annotate them, and auto...

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With this advanced automated system you can create advanced reports on...

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Advanced Account

Unlimited seats and accounts with multiple permission sets and dynamic...

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An Information Architecture "mental model" technique that shows how participants group items ...

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An Information Architecture "mental model" technique where participants ...

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Why Userlytics

Real people
Real feedback

Userlytics has a global panel of over one million participants from around the world. We use a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) system so you can obtain non-verbal contextual insights and information from the participants. This also ensures that the participant meets your target Persona

In addition, Userlytics results are reviewed by a dedicated QA review team to ensure the quality results our clients required.

Our clients can also bring their own participants, even customizing the landing pages with their own logo, colour scheme and copy.

Happy clients

Some of the thousands of companies that have optimized their user experience by partnering with Userlytics: