Userlytics Video Features

USERLYTICS allows you to Qual Test REAL PEOPLE, in their homes and offices, with almost instantaneous responses.


Full qualitative picture-in-picture of remote user testing sessions. To get the full picture, you need to see who is providing the feedback, as well as understand their context and visualize their non-verbal communication.

Once you review the sessions, you will be able to identify key events and comments, create annotations, and share an aggregate list, with each one hyperlinked to the relevant participant video and timeline moment.

You can then create individual clips and highlight reels, generate a full audio transcription, search for key terms, & click to go directly to that timeline moment in that video.



If you haven’t caught on, Userlytics really likes to find ways to save you and your colleagues time. That’s why Userlytics also provides you with a full featured highlight reel functionality.

Once the User Experience Testing videos have been reviewed and annotated, you can download specific clips of interest (based on the "Start Time" and "End Time" of each annotation), or a highlight reel video that aggregates all the key moments you annotated, even spanning multiple projects, into one easily shareable video.

Rather than watching an entire 30-minute session (or many of them), you and your colleagues and stakeholders can watch an optimized video of key events and comments. And you can even automatically include the titles of each annotation as subtitles in the clips and highlight reel!

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It's never fun to watch the same video over and over and struggle to find the exact moment you need, but Userlytics has an easy-to-use annotation tool.

You do not need to pause the video while creating annotations. Simply start typing the Title or Description and presto, the "Start Time" of the Annotation will be set automatically. The "End Time" will also be set automatically as soon as you save your annotation (You can subsequently edit both the "Start Time" and the "End Time" if you wish).

Once you create an annotation, it is viewable (and hyperlinked to the relevant timeline moment) both within the specific UX test session as well as within the "Metrics & Annotations" area. This allows you and your team and stakeholders to quickly skim all of the annotations and instantly click on those of interest to jump to that specific participant UX testing video, and that key moment.

In addition, you can create clips associated with the annotations, subtitle them, download them, share them on the cloud, or compile highlight reels based on tags and themes, even spanning multiple projects!



Aside from the video transcription service, we also provide a fast way to skim through each session video, by toggling the review speed. The default speed is 1X, but you can increase the speed to 1.5X, 2X, or 5X.

Our clients frequently leverage 1.5x or 2x so that they can still hear & understand the verbal commentary of the participants, however, 5x speed is a great way to quickly skim through the video to a specific area you are interested in.

As an alternative, you can also click on a specific task or question to go directly to that section of the video, or to jump from task to task


Video transcription provides you a unique way to quickly scan through your participant session and identify key moments quickly, without watching the entire video.

You can browse through each task or question and review the verbal commentary. Or, you can search specific keywords and jump directly to those key moments. The text is all time stamped, so clicking anywhere on the transcription will take you to that timeline moment, very cool!

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