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Private label your testing results to keep a cohesive brand feel

Our private label feature allows you to share your user testing dashboard with your clients with your logo, name and color scheme to maintain your brand’s look and feel.

Private Label
Share study results in any language
Private Label

Share study results in any language

Choose from over 20 pre-defined languages for the study recorder UI and participant landing pages, or ask your Account Manager to add a new language for you to meet your stakeholders’ needs.

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To maintain a cohesive brand feel for Userlytics, you have the option to private label your testing results. Private labeling allows you to customize the visual presentation of your test results to align with your brand identity. This ensures that the testing reports and analytics you share with stakeholders or clients reflect your brand’s aesthetics and messaging.By incorporating your brand elements such as logo, color scheme, typography, and visual style into the testing results, you can create a consistent and professional look that resonates with your brand’s image. Private labeling adds a layer of customization and personalization to the reports, reinforcing your brand’s presence and reinforcing a cohesive experience for users.Userlytics may offer features or options specifically designed to support private labeling. These can include customization tools within their platform or collaboration with their team to help you achieve the desired branding outcome. It is recommended to consult with Userlytics directly or review their documentation to understand the specific private labeling capabilities they provide.By private labeling your testing results in Userlytics, you can enhance brand consistency, professionalism, and create a seamless experience for stakeholders who interact with your testing reports.