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"Great work and payoff. It was a great experience working with different studies/applications."

Jayesh Yadav

"Customer service is excellent. Daniel was so prompt and friendly."

Christina Hamilton

"If you get an invite, immediately sign up! Tests fill up so quickly! Payment is great."


"Good pay. If you're looking for a way to make some extra money without specific expertise, Userlytics is a great option.

Hem P.

"Wonderful experience and gained knowledge with Nucleus App. Everything was easy to understand."


"Excellent platform to test website/app prototypes. The process was seamless, and I could express my thoughts clearly."

Alex Kam

"Make user experience better and get cash for your participation. I have recommended Userlytics to several people."

Katie Stack

"I've been a tester with Userlytics - good experience. Generally responsive when there are issues."


"Improving usability with Userlytics. I could share real insights into improving the usability of a website and an application."


"Userlytics are the best testing platform. I always feel incredibly fortunate to be able to take part in these user tests."

Javi R-E

“Their tests are always interesting and fun. They allow me an opportunity to provide feedback that makes a difference.”

J. Sreauss

“It is great and very interesting to provide participation and insight into different studios, tests and scenarios"

A. Gulzar
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You need to follow the usability test instructions as provided by our client (see following FAQs). It is very important that you speak your thoughts out loud as you follow the instructions. Try speaking and sharing your thoughts aloud during the entire user experience test. Some user tests require a webcam view, some do not. For those that do, it is important that it shows your face clearly.
You’ll be user testing websites, prototypes, advertisements, videos and other types of material from small start-up companies to those of large well-known corporations. You can contact us before beginning a user experience test if you have doubts about its content.
When you sign up to be a user tester with Userlytics you will be asked to choose a user tester ID. Only clients who are paying for you to conduct a usability test will be allowed to view your demographic profile information, and they will not in any case be able to view your entire name. Userlytics may use portions of your user experience test feedback (including screen recordings, audio commentary, webcam recordings, written commentary), to create samples for potential clients or in marketing material. If you do not wish to have your user test feedback used in this manner then please do not sign up to become one of our UX testers.
You may be asked your opinion on things such as: Site navigation Overall concept Ease of use and intuitiveness Design, video, colors, layout Specific processes such as check out, log in, registration, search, utilities, etc. If you would use the site or recommend it to a friend If you remember a certain image or concept, or what you think it meant
We cannot tell you how often you will get an invite to test since it’s a random process that will select testers from our data base and we send out invitations to a limited number of testers. If you make sure to answer the surveys and to complete your tester profile, this will increase your chances of getting invited.
Yes, no problem using either a desktop or webcam laptop. However, best to have only one webcam connected (and configured), so that the Userlytics Recorder can easily locate the webcam it needs to use.
Sometimes, before being accepted to a test, you will be asked a series of questions to determine if you are the right profile for a particular test. It is very important that you answer honestly, otherwise you may receive a poor rating and not be reinvited to test later on.
Once our client has reviewed and positively rated your test feedback, your test will be marked as “approved”. Payments for approved tests are made once every 15 days.

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