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Empowering healthcare brands to enhance digital user experience

Give your patients the all-around care they deserve with an easy user experience. With Userlytics, improving your website or app ux is simple and worry free. Our remote user testing platform allows you to gain insights from audiences around the world. We accommodate over  20 languages, providing easy access to global testers, no matter how granular a Persona profile they have.

Uncover the pain points patients don’t disclose 

Userlytics’ advanced platform offers methodologies like quantitative, qualitative, usability tests, moderated or unmoderated activities, and more to help you uncover the virtual pain points that users experience, but don’t normally disclose during an appointment.

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How can UX testing help your practice?

1 Healthcare
  • Ensure that current and potential patients can easily locate information, and that your interface actually contains the information they want or need to see.
2 Healthcare
  • A good user experience with your app or website provides a seamless transition from in-person to online, maintaining customer loyalty, and increasing your odds of gaining new clients.
3 Healthcare
  • It’s important that each patient receive quality care online, not only in-person. With Accessibility Testing, Userlytics can help you make sure that your interface is easy to use for everyone.

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