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Explore the Power of BYOU (Bring Your Own User)

We understand the importance of flexible usability testing. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our BYOU (Bring Your Own User) widget. With this widget, you have the freedom to create UX studies with the participants of your choice. Take a closer look at what the BYOU widget can do for you.

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What is BYOU (Bring Your Own User)?

BYOU, which stands for Bring Your Own User (Participants), lets you to take control of your usability testing. With BYOU, you’re not limited to predefined panels of participants. Instead, you have the freedom to select and invite your own users, whether they are your customers, colleagues, or specific user segments that matter most to your business. This means you can tailor your usability studies to precisely match your target audience, ensuring that the insights you gain are directly relevant to your goals.

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How To Invite your own Participants

If you choose to bring your own users (BYOU) to your study, you can invite them to join your study easily and instantly. There are a few different ways you can invite your own participants to your study. To learn more about how to invite your own participants to your study, check the following page:

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