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The Value of a User Experience Platform For Product Managers

 Nov 15, 2021
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As industry leaders in user experience research, we are pleased to offer you access to our latest white paper: The Value of a User Experience Platform For Product Managers.

Products aren’t created in a bubble. It takes the right combination of skills and the dedication to connecting with consumers on a deeper level to make a great product for your audience. This white paper will teach you the value of integrating UX into your product management process, and how it can help you implement a design thinking approach to your workflow, a solutions-based, creative process used to address consumer challenges.

This white paper will go through each step of the product management process and explain how a UX platform can make you more efficient, thoughtful and effective through each stage of development. We will show you how a UX research platform can help you understand and connect with your customers on a more authentic level, allowing you to develop more successful products. We can’t wait to show the value a UX research platform can bring to the product management process!

About the Author: Elise Rodriguez

Elise Rodriguez

Elise is the Editor of Content and Communications at Userlytics. Prior to joining Userlytics’ content team, Elise worked in the public relations field, and helped develop communications materials for companies in a variety of industries, including health and beauty, travel / transportation, and sports / entertainment. Elise has her BS in public relations, and her Master’s degree in business management. When Elise isn’t writing about new product features at Userlytics, she enjoys singing and making music, yoga, and spending time at home with her two cats.

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blog resources hub The Value of UX for Product Managers The Value of UX for Product Managers The Value of UX for Product Managers

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