On-Demand User Experience Testing for unreleased
Mobile Apps

One-Off Custom Usability Testing Projects

Website User Testing

Pricing can be as low as $49 per respondent session complete and depends on the following:

  • The set of usability testing features you would like;
  • Whether we supply user testing respondents;
  • How specific your demographic target Persona is;
  • Session length (You can set usability tests for any length of maximum session time);
  • Whether we include an analyst review and recommendations in an Executive Summary report.


Learn more
  • Website User Testing
  • iOS Smartphone Prototype (unreleased) App User Testing
  • iOS Tablet Prototype (unreleased) App User Testing
  • Android Smartphone Prototype (unreleased) App User Testing
  • Android Tablet Prototype (unreleased) App User Testing
  • Webcam + Screen Recording + Audio Usability Testing or only Screen Recording + Audio Usability Testing
  • Customizable suggested Task and Instruction Templates for a variety of usability testing scenarios
  • Usability scenarios, tasks, and question design
  • Up to 100 Exit Survey Questions per user test participant
  • Uploading of wireframes, prototypes, sketches, powerpoints, PNGs, HTML files and videos for user experience testing
  • Customized usability test respondent landing page/asset
  • Respondent user testing set up dry run/preparation
  • Project management of access to unreleased mobile App through Testflight or similar
  • Self recruitment user testing recruitment link with a variety of options such as respondent UID and respondent redirect.
  • Customizable landing page usability testing recruitment widget
  • Userlytics UX testing respondent panel of > 30.000 respondents with basic demographic filters
  • Highly specific demographic custom recruitment for either B2B or B2C usability test participants
  • Review and QA of every user experience test result
  • In-line annotation capability of usability test video recordings, with automated listing in hyperlinked list
  • Private labeling of user testing dashboard on a project by project basis
  • Downloadable usability testing video results
  • In-depth review, analysis and recommendations in Usability Testing testing executive summary report