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unmoderated testing

Unmoderated Testing

Audio and video recording included, good for quick and easy user testing. Both desktop and mobile based.

moderated testing

Moderated Testing

This type of usability testing includes a moderator who helps to guide participants through a particular set of tasks or questions, probing deeper into the behaviors and pain points of the participant to yield more specific results.

prototype icon

Website, App, & Prototype Testing

Our platform allows you to conduct usability studies on your website, mobile apps, and/or prototypes in any stage of development.

highlight reels

30-min Session Increments

Standard study Unmoderated sessions are 30-minutes, 60-minutes for a Moderated session & 15 minutes for a Quantitative Survey. You can also conduct shorter or longer studies if desired.

highlight reels

Highlight Reels

A collection of annotated and hyperlinked video clips of key study moments.

card sorting

Card Sorting

An information architecture technique that shows how participants group items (“cards”) into categories.

moderated testing

Quantitative Testing

Empower decisions with data through quantitative testing. Capture valuable metrics (no audio, webcam, and screen recording) for focused insights.

Sentiment Analysis icon

Sentiment Analysis

An AI based determination of the way a participant feels about a given situation, or task.

AI icon

AI UX Analysis

Userlytics’ AI UX Analysis tool offers automated insights for enhanced digital performance. Elevate user research effortlessly.

Included in all plans
The features you need

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  • All Digital Assets

    Conduct usability studies of websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, prototypes, and competitor assets.

  • Unlimited Concurrent Testing

    Userlytics allows you to launch multiple studies at the same time so you don’t have to wait in between studies to gain insights.

  • Branching Logic

    A question format that defines a participant’s next activity or question based on what they answer to the previous question.

  • Advanced Metrics

    NPS, SUS, single choice, multiple choice, success/failure, time on task and more...

  • Picture-in-Picture Recording

    Includes an integrated webcam view of participants, the screen they are interacting with, and their audio.

  • Study Annotations

    Brief comments you can add to specific moments of a session video to highlight important events.

  • Bring your own Users

    You have the option to invite your own users to complete a usability study in addition to or instead of members from our global panel.

  • Privacy Protection

    Enables the blocking of screen recording during sensitive moments in the study to protect personally identifiable information.

  • QA Reviews of each Panel Participant Result

    A Userlytics expert will assess each participant test result for quality.

  • Unlimited Storage of Results

    Unlimited storage of study results and metrics, so you can keep gathering UX insights without worry.

  • ISO27001 and GDPR compliant

    Compliant with the top data protection certifications in the world so you know your data is safe and secure. The ONLY leading user testing platform with all EU data hosted and processed within the EU.

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    Manage access to the Userlytics platform through your enterprise SSO.

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Tap into our Global Panel of over 2 million participants

Make sure your study reaches the right audience by tapping into our global panel of over 2 million participants, each reviewed by our team to ensure honest, quality feedback. Filter participants from over 150 different countries by age, gender, household income, and other demographic criteria.


Discover our UX Consulting Services

Don’t know where to start on your usability study, pressed for time, or just curious to see how an external UX Research Consultant could help? Let our UX Consulting team help you create the perfect study script, analyze your results, and create a detailed report with recommendations to optimize your user experience.

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