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How to Test Images in your Usability Study

 By Userlytics
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Test Images in Usability Studies

Userlytics’ image testing feature allows you to add images to your test tasks to gain more thorough, valuable feedback on different aspects of your digital asset. Below, we’ll go over what types of tasks you can add images to, how to add images, and any restrictions there are to adding images to your tasks.

What Types of Tasks can I add Images to?

You can add images to the following four task types

  • Task / Verbal Response 
  • Single / Multiple Choice 
  • Rating 
  • Write-In Response 

How is Adding Images to my Tasks Valuable?

Adding images to your test tasks gives you the opportunity to test different methodologies with your participants that can provide you with unique, helpful feedback. Some of the different methodologies that adding images to your task allows you to test are the following:

  • Image Testing – Image testing allows you to gain feedback from your participants on the aesthetics and overall effectiveness of an image on your website.
  • First Impression Qualitative Testing – In first impression qualitative testing, participants will be asked to describe their first impression of an image. A participant may describe how the image makes them feel, or the adjectives they would use to describe the image.
  • Desirability Testing (Image + Single / Multiple Choice task) – By combining an image with a single / multiple choice task, you can gauge how much a product or brand is wanted by a consumer. For example, you might ask your participant the following multiple choice question:

“What is most attractive to you about this image?”

A) Clear / easy to understand

B) Attractive / beautiful design

C) Colors

D) I did not find this image attractive

Based on the participants’ responses, you will gain insight on whether or not your product is connecting with consumers, and if changes need to be made to your design.

  • Preference Testing (Including more than one image) – In preference testing, a participant will be shown two or more images, and choose their favorite of the options. This will provide you with valuable feedback on your consumers’ preferences.

How do I Add Images to a Test Task?

The process of adding images to your tasks is simple! Just follow the instructions below:

  • Enable the switch on the right-hand side of a task next to the text that reads “Upload Image.” The toggle should now appear blue
  • Upload the image of your choice
  • Wait until the image has loaded on the screen
  • Select “Preview Activity” to see how the task instructions and uploaded image will be loaded for the participant
  • Launch the test

What Test Formats are Compatible with the Image Testing Feature?

Testing images is compatible on both desktop and mobile tests.

Are there any Restrictions to Adding Images to a Task?

The only restriction to image testing is that it cannot be combined with a task that redirects your participants to a specific URL. If you would like to redirect your participants to a specific URL during the test, you must do so on a separate task that does not include any image testing.

Test Images in Usability Studies


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