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Get the answers you need from your target customers with Branching Logic

Customize your study participants’ experience by asking them only relevant questions with our advanced Branching Logic Tool.

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Branching Logic
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What is Branching Logic?

Our branching logic tool is an unmoderated and therefore scalable user testing platform with the personalization of response and action dependent UX test scripts.

With the unique branching logic of Userlytics’ user testing platform, you can set up an unmoderated user testing script where EACH PATH and set of usability test instructions and questions is based on the actions and responses of each particular respondent

Picture-in-picture insights

Now you can design a scalable user testing project that has the flexibility and ability to customize the UX study to the actions and responses of each UX test participant. Combine the control of remote user testing scripts with the scalability and geographical reach of unmoderated user testing.

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Discover our blog. Branching logic in Userlytics refers to the ability to dynamically alter the flow of a user test or survey based on the user’s responses or actions. It allows researchers to customize the user experience and tailor subsequent questions or tasks based on specific conditions or criteria.With branching logic, researchers can create a more personalized and relevant testing experience for participants. Depending on how participants answer certain questions or interact with the interface, the subsequent questions or tasks can vary, ensuring a more targeted and efficient data collection process.