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Userlytics launches next generation of its moderated web recorder for Remote UX Testing

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Userlytics launches next generation of its moderated web recorder for Remote UX Testing

Native web recorder for moderated remote website & prototype testing includes features like live note taking, ability for test moderator to share screen, ability to launch test script at any point, and more

MIAMI, FL – November 22, 2021 — Userlytics, a leading global platform for simplified and scalable remote user experience testing has just launched the next generation of its “Live Conversations” moderated web recorder. The updated moderated web recorder features advanced features like easy link sharing with test participants, the ability to launch test scripts at any point during the live conversation, the ability for the test moderator to share their screen with the participant, and much more.

While many UX testing platforms use external resources to conduct in-depth interviews with test participants, the Userlytics web recorder is native to the platform, which allows for a simple, “all-in-one” testing environment, customized for moderating remote user experience testing sessions. 

The updated version of our moderated web recorder offers the following benefits:

  1. Live note taking – The updated “Live Conversations” recorder allows for private note taking of key points throughout the moderated test. Notes are time-stamped and can be used to automatically create annotations and highlight reels once the test session is complete.
  1. Share relevant links during the tests with an easy “Share URL” button – Once a participant has shared their screen, the moderator can easily send them relevant links with the “Share URL” button. Multiple links can be shared throughout the course of the test.
  1. Launch test script at any point during test – Rather than immediately jumping into the test script, our new “Live Conversations” web recorder allows the moderator to begin the test script at any point. They can chat with their participant beforehand, and show them any relevant links before diving in.
  1. Ability for the moderator to share their screen during a test – Now, the moderator can easily share their screen with the participant during a “Live Conversation” with the new “Share My Screen” feature. This new feature allows the moderator to easily point at specific parts of the test asset during the test to ensure the participant understands exactly what is being asked of them, or to share prototype views.
  1. Improved Chat with Participants or with Silent Observers – A convenient chat box allows moderators to communicate with their test participant and their teammates throughout the duration of the test, including any “Invisible” observers they have invited to listen in. Only the moderator and the Observers can see the “Team Chat.”

Userlytics’ updated “Live Conversations” moderated web recorder adds to the growing list of compelling capabilities offered by Userlytics, including native integration of both card sorting and tree testing, “invisible” observers for moderated sessions, unlimited seats and accounts, unlimited storage of results, unlimited concurrent testing, unlimited participants per study, “No SDK” mobile apps, automated translation of participant UI, global participant panel of almost 2 million and QA reviews of every result session. Learn more about Userlytics by checking out their website, pricing plans, or by scheduling a free demo. Follow Userlytics on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with platform updates and special offers. In conclusion, the future of UX testing lies in the innovative integration of tools like Userlytics’ moderated web recorder with user testing websites, ensuring businesses can stay at the forefront of delivering exceptional user experiences

About Userlytics: 

Userlytics is a full featured state of the art user experience research platform with a global participant group of almost 2 million panelists. Since 2009, Userlytics has been helping enterprises and agencies improve the user and customer experience of their websites, apps and prototypes. With a scalable pricing model and a diverse worldwide panel, Userlytics allows brands to run both moderated and unmoderated usability studies with as many or as few participants as they choose. In addition to its testing services, Userlytics offers a variety of optional UX Consulting including senior UX Consultants in both Europe (Madrid) and the U.S. (San Diego, Austin & Miami) who can help clients achieve actionable UX insights.

Moderated web recorder for UX Testing

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