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Moderated Testing Dos and Don’ts

 By Userlytics
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Moderated Testing Dos and Don’ts, Moderated Testing Dos and Don’ts

With Userlytics’ Live Conversations tool, you can conduct simple and efficient face-to-face interviews with your target persona to collect key data about your digital product’s usability.

Below are some top level “Dos and Don’ts” you can follow when conducting a Live Conversation to make sure everything runs smoothly, and that you get the insights you need.

Join, on your computer, using the latest version of Chrome if possibleShare your moderator link with others (or have multiple people use an observer’s link)
Close unnecessary background appsHave videoconferencing (particularly Teams) or bandwidth-heavy programs running
Connect your earphones, webcam and microphone before beginning the Pre-Test CheckConduct sessions in a noisy, busy environment
Allow 15 minutes for the participant to join (at which point, the session will auto-cancel) – you’ll still have the full session duration availableCancel within 4 hours of the scheduled start time, or join more than 15 minutes late
Allow us to search for a replacement, in case of a participant no-show: we get notified of these   if provided by UserlyticsForget to ensure that you have available slots in your calendar, for us to do so
End (“Finish”) the session as early as possibleForget to press “Finish Session” in order to properly upload the session
Notify us, if it becomes clear that the participant has misrepresented themselves   if provided by UserlyticsForget to rate the participant

If any questions come up, please email for assistance, and feel free to CC your Account Manager.


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