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Audiences and Filters

Learn how to target your exact customer

Everything you need to know about sourcing and inviting participants to your UX studies, all in one place. Read on to learn how to guarantee that your study participants match your customer profile and brand needs.

Learn how to target your exact customer

How to Invite your Own Participants to an Unmoderated Desktop Study on our No-Download Web Recorder

Creating and launching an unmoderated desktop study on our no-download recorder with your own participants is a simple process with Userlytics’ intuitive study builder. In the step-by-step guide below, we’ll break down the process so that you can begin launching studies with your own participants: Create a study and select “Unmoderated Testing” in the Userlytics’… Read More »How to Invite your Own Participants to an Unmoderated Desktop Study on our No-Download Web Recorder

Client Recruitment: Invitation Widget

(Client Recruitment Invitation Widget) If you are supplying your own testers, you can create a customizable invitation widget and add it to your page or website. You can find this by clicking  “collect responses” on the left side panel of your dashboard within your desired study.  Next, scroll down to “Embed In Page (Widget)”.  Here,… Read More »Client Recruitment: Invitation Widget

Filter More with Screeners

Screener Filters As an added way to ensure your participants fit the exact profile of your target demographic, our advanced study builder has the option of adding screeners to the beginning of your study. The screener is totally customizable, and allows you to ask participants a very specific question that will either include or exclude… Read More »Filter More with Screeners

Filter UX Study Audience

Source of Participants When choosing participants for your user experience study, you have the option to source and filter your participants in a few different ways. You may choose to utilize Userlytics’ user testing panel of more than 2 million participants, or you may choose to invite your own participants, or those from a third… Read More »Filter UX Study Audience

Invite your own Participants

If you choose to bring your own users (BYOU) to your study, you can invite them to join your study easily and instantly. Listed below are a few different ways you can invite your own participants to your study. Collect Responses Feature Once you have finished creating your study and launching it, there will be… Read More »Invite your own Participants

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