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Invite your own Participants

 By Userlytics
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If you choose to bring your own users (BYOU) to your study, you can invite them to join your study easily and instantly. Listed below are a few different ways you can invite your own participants to your study.

Collect Responses Feature

Once you have finished creating your study and launching it, there will be a section on your dashboard that says “collect responses.” By clicking on this prompt, you will have the ability to invite your participants via a personalized link. You can choose to send the link on your own through the platform of your choice.

Invite by Email

If you prefer to invite your participant by email, you can also do so by visiting the “Collect Responses” page in your dashboard. Simply enter the name and email of your participant, craft the body of the email, and send your invitation directly through our platform.

Invite by Widget

Another option for inviting your own participants to your study is via a small widget in your website, also available within the “collect responses” section of your Userlytics dashboard. Here, you will be able to copy a small section of code (HTML & JS) and paste it into your site, to offer the visitors the possibility of completing your UX study. You can even customize the look and feel of the invitation widget to match your site’s aesthetic.

Tracking Functionality

You can also leverage our advanced redirect and unique identifier (UID) system to leverage participants offered by 3rd party panels such as SSI, Peanut Labs or Testing Time. This will ensure that all of your visitors are unique, that your participants’ personal information remains private, and that your study results are accurate and reliable. For more information on this feature, please contact our support team.

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