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Fair Usage Policy

Userlytics Limitless Plan

Participants provided byStudy MethodologyMax Duration per SessionPrice per Session
Userlytics or YouUnmoderated0-30 minutes34 credits
YouModerated0-30 minutes48 credits
YouModerated31-60 minutes96 credits
UserlyticsModerated0-60 minutes96 credits
YouQuantitative0-60 minutes3 credits per 15 minutes increment

* Please note, this policy does not apply to quantitative studies involving Userlytics’ panel participants. Instead, these studies may be subject to particular restrictions concerning concurrent testing, the maximum number of participants per study, screener questions, and other relevant factors.

If you have questions or comments about our Fair Usage Policy, please reach out to your Account Executive or Account Manager, or contact us at:

Userlytics Corporation

1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1950

Miami, Florida, USA, 33131

+1 888-809-0047

Additional questions about our Limitless Fair Usage Policy?

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