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What do usability activities consist of?

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What do usability activities consist of? Examples of past user experience tasks include:

  • Register for an account on a client site, log in, fill in your profile and add a friend.
  • Pretend you are looking for a pair of jeans, search for jeans, look through the results and proceed to checkout, but stop before the order is confirmed.
  • Look around ABC site, wherever your interests take you and give us feedback on the look and feel, concept and overall layout.
  • Compare a home page to a competitor’s (or industry leader’s) home page and tell us what we do better or worse than them and which site you’d choose to visit and why.
  • Compare the purchasing/checkout function of two sites.
  • Conduct a search for an item/site.
  • React to a series of advertisements, video or static images.
  • Answer a series of questions.

What do usability activities consist of?


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