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How to Use our Live Conversations Moderated Web Recorder

 By Userlytics
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How to Use our Live Conversations Moderated Web Recorder

Userlytics’ testing platform utilizes several different web recorders to give you the simplest remote testing experience possible. Our new and improved “Live Conversations” web recorder allows you to have one-on-one conversations with the brands you are giving feedback to.

Below we’ll go over how to use our updated Live Conversations recorder:

How do I start a Live Conversation?

After you’ve scheduled a Live Conversation session, enter the link you were given to begin the pre-test portion of the Live Conversation. You can enter the link as early as 15 minutes before your scheduled session. The session link may be located in an email, or via another messaging platform if the test moderator personally recruited you for the test.

What do I do once I’ve entered the Live Conversation link?

The Live Conversation link will direct you to the pre-test start page. Click the button that says “Start Configuration” to get started.

The purpose of the Live Conversation pre-test is to ensure everything on your computer is working properly so that there will be no errors during the Live Conversation. During the pre-test, you will be guided through a series of prompts and will have to wait a few moments as we assess your system configuration.

As the pre-test is running, a pop-up will appear asking you to share your screen. Please select the indicated screen and click the button that says “Share.”

After the pre-test is complete, a new screen will appear going over the pre-test results. If there are any issues with your system, the pre-test will provide instructions on how to correct them. Once everything checks out, the top of the screen should read “Pre-test checks successful.” Click the “Continue” button to begin the Live Conversation session.

After clicking “Continue”, you will be guided to a new screen. Once you are ready to start the study, click the button that says “Start Live Conversation.”

At this point, the study will begin once you and the moderator have both joined the session. If the moderator has not yet joined the session, you will see a screen with a twenty-minute countdown, indicating the amount of time remaining for the moderator to join the session. Don’t worry – if the moderator does not make the session for some reason, you will still be compensated for your time.

How Do I Navigate the New Live Conversations Web Recorder?

Once you join the session, you will see the test moderator on the center of the screen, and your own face on the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will also see a box on the bottom right-hand corner that allows you to chat with the moderator.

After introducing themselves and going over any important information, your moderator will ask you to share your screen so that you can get started with the test activities. When prompted, click the button that says “Share My Screen.”

Next, a pop-up will appear asking you to select what screen you want to share. Click on the option that says “Entire Screen,” and then click the “Share” button.

After sharing your screen with the moderator, they will ask you to begin the test tasks. When you are ready to begin the timed portion of the test, click “Start.” Remember, all feedback is good feedback! If there is something you are unsure about or confused by, be sure to let the moderator know.

Now, you will go through each of the various test tasks. When you are finished with each task, click the “Next” button.

When the participant has completed all their tasks, a new page will appear with a button that says “Finish the Script.” When you are ready, click this button.

The moderator will then thank you for your time and end the session. You will see a screen that shows the moderator is ending the session, before being guided to a final “thank you” screen.

What Functionalities Does the Live Conversation Web Recorder Have?

Our Live Conversation web recorder contains many of the same functionalities as most commonly used video conferencing applications, including the following:

Mute audio or video option

If you need to mute your mic or your video at any point during the test, simply hover your mouse over the image of your webcam feed. If both your mic and camera are working, the mic and camera icons should appear in green.

To turn off your mic, click on the microphone icon until it turns red. Keep in mind that Live Conversations typically require you to speak throughout the duration of the test, so only mute your mic if it is totally necessary.

To turn off your camera, click on the camera icon until it turns red and your screen is video feed is no longer visible. Keep in mind that Live Conversations typically require your face to be visible throughout the duration of the test, so only turn off your camera if it is totally necessary.


Our web recorder’s chat feature is on the right side of the Live Conversation screen under your webcam feed. Simply click on the chat box, type out your message, and click “Send” to send it to the session moderator. Make sure you pay attention to this box throughout the duration of the Live Conversation, as the moderator may choose to communicate with you in this format depending on the test.

Live Conversations Moderated Web Recorder


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