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What is BioSensor Tracking, and how do I set it up?

 By Userlytics
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BioSensor Tracking is a wearable technology that you can use to complement your studies and measure your participants’ level of engagement during the session. The tool measures different biological indicators of your participants through a Smart Watch.

Please note that this tool is currently in BETA phase.

Academic researchers and neuroscientists have identified two key elements to neurologic concentration: attention to the experience and emotional resonance. The Key Algorithm: Attention + Emotional Resonance = Product Affinity. As attention increases, activity in the brain’s prefrontal cortex causes an increase in sympathetic activity.

Emotional Resonance is associated with the brain’s synthesis of the neurochemical oxytocin, which increases activity of the vagus nerve (the longest nerve coming from the head that innervates the heart and gut). The system measures activity in the nerves that control the heart, and this activity is correlated with signals from the brain, which allows us to quantify the neurologic responses to any kind of experience. We capture this with fitness sensors and smartwatches found to be reliable for continuous monitoring. Our algorithms convert neural signals into predictors of decisions and actions (not simply intentions or feelings).

To summarize: Our BioSensor Tracking tool analyzes both the participant’s state of attention and emotional resonance throughout the session via proven neurologic indicators, gathering a clear picture of your participant’s attentiveness toward your digital product.


This tool allows you to predict the impact of your products on the market by analyzing how engaged your participants are in particular moments of your study, what drives them to perform certain actions with your product, and how they experience and perceive your product.

BioSensor Tracking is available once your study is completed, at which point you will be able to access your tracking results. The results are visualized in detail in a graph that showcases the participant’s key moments of attention. BioSensor Tracking results are displayed together with the participant’s recording.

BioSensor Tracking

By knowing the attention turning points in your study, you can make better data-driven decisions to improve the UX of your product.


BioSensor Tracking can be accessed with any UX study made under the following parameters:

Unmoderated studies:

  • Website testing for desktop + Userlytics Worldwide Panel Participants.
  • Prototype testing for desktop + Userlytics Worldwide Panel Participants.
  • BioSensor tracking it’s not accessible in other scenarios yet.

Moderated studies and Quant(surveys)

  • BioSensor tracking is not accessible for these methodologies yet.
BioSensor Tracking
BioSensor Tracking

How to publish your study with BioSensor Tracking

Once you have created your study under the aforementioned parameters, select the button that says “Publish with BioSensor Tracking.”


BioSensor Tracking is currently in BETA phase and is NOT available in the following cases:

Unmoderated studies

  • Website testing for mobile or tablet
  • Prototype testing for mobile or tablet
  • App testing

Moderated Studies

  • Mobile or tablet

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