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What is a starting point URL, and do I have to define one?

 By Userlytics
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The “Starting Point URL” is the website, app or prototype your participant will immediately be pointed to when they begin a user experience study. The decision to include a Starting Point URL depends on whether you are conducting an unmoderated test or a moderated test, and what your test goals are.

If you are conducting an unmoderated study and would like to immediately point your participant to a URL at the beginning of the test, you will need to fill the starting point URL. When you place your URL in this field, the user will be sent to that location at the beginning of the test. However, if you would prefer to ask a few questions before directing the user to a site or app, toggle “Define Destination URL(s) inside the TestScript.” This will allow you to place your URL at a later task.

If you are conducting a moderated study, you do not need Starting Point URL. By default,“Define Destination URL(s) inside the TestScript” option will be toggled if you select “Live Conversation” as your test type. This is because our updated Live Conversations recorder allows you to direct your participant to your website, app, or prototype at any point during the session by clicking the “Share URL With Participant” button.


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