Remote Usability Testing Partners

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Partnering for User Testing with Agencies, Corporates, Brands, Market Research Firms & Developers

Userlytics allows user testing assets with real people, quickly and inexpensively, from the comfort and real world context of their own home and workplace.

Userlytics helps you usability test prototypes, websites, online campaigns, TV commercials and ad creatives, videos, mobile app, desktop apps, etc. to get the best user experience possible.

  • Share access to usability test results on the dashboard on a client by client basis.
  • Or download and edit key videos for your own user testing reporting format.

Get rich audiovisual user experience feedback from participants in hours, even minutes!

Userlytics Supports the Interaction Design Foundation

interaction design foundation

Courtesy of The Interaction Design Foundation. Copyright: CC-Att-SA-3.

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