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Private Labeling & Internationalization of User Testing Platforms

December 5th, 2012

The new Private Label Branding & Language Customization allows for Product Managers, Marketers, Designers and Developers to customize their user experience test results dashboard to share with clients & colleagues anywhere in the world, in any language, with their own brand, color scheme and company name.

Private/White Label

San Francisco - Userlytics Corporation has announced the launch of a private label branding and international localization feature for its remote user testing platform.

Advertising agencies and mobile app development firms currently use the remote user testing platform of userlytics to usability test mobile apps, websites, wireframes, prototypes, advertising concepts, video content, and to conduct remote rich media in-depth interviews and user experience feedback tests.

Now they can share the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) user experience video test results of at-home respondents with their own customized brand, logo, and color scheme, in the language of their clients and colleagues, anywhere in the world.

And these same advertising agencies and mobile app development firms can also use the new private label and branding capability to assist in client pitches, by showcasing the user experience issues of a potential client and showing how it might be improved.

According to Alejandro Rivas-Micoud, CEO of Userlytics: "Many of our advertising agency and mobile app development partners have a growing international base of clients. By allowing them to customize the user experience video test result dashboard in any language, with their own logo and brand, we are assisting them in accelerating their international growth."

To learn more about the new Private Label Branding & International Language Localization capability of our remote user experience testing platform, please contact us at info@userlytics.com.

About Userlytics Corporation

Headquartered in San Francisco with a subsidiary in Europe, Userlytics.com empowers all advertising agencies and development firms to conduct user testing on their concepts, prototypes, mobile apps, messaging, content, campaigns, mobile websites, applications and online properties. Worldwide, on the fly, every day.

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