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Userlytics adds Android App User Testing to its existing iOS Usability Testing

January 30th, 2014

The new capability enhances the existing iOS service whereby Product Managers, Market Researchers, UX Professionals and Agencies can easily conduct User Testing on Apps with their Target Persona.

PULL QUOTE: "Conducting remote user testing on prototype mobile Apps with REAL client prospects has never been easier."

Userlytics adds Android App User Testing

Userlytics adds Android App User Testing

San Francisco (January 30th, 2014) - Userlytics Corporation has announced the addition of Android mobile devices to its prototype app testing for usability and user experience.

Advertising and marketing agencies, enterprises and mobile app development firms use the remote user testing platform of Userlytics to test prototype mobile apps, websites, wireframes, advertising concepts and video content.

Starting with desktop testing (2009), iOS (2011) and now with Android mobile devices (2014) Userlytics enables its clients to receive rapid user experience feedback from real customer prospects. Because the webcam view of participants is included, our clients know whom they are listening to.

According to Alejandro Rivas-Micoud, CEO of Userlytics: "Our mission is to enable accurate user experience feedback for iterative insights. Conducting remote user testing on prototype mobile Apps with real client prospects has never been easier. We continue to expand our capabilities to accommodate the increasingly multi channel behavior of users across desktop, mobile and in-store; watch this space for new launches."

To learn more about the new Android Prototype App capability of our remote usability testing platform, please contact us at or visit our website at

About Userlytics Corporation

Headquartered in San Francisco with a subsidiary in Europe, Userlytics empowers advertising and marketing agencies, enterprises, design, and development firms to conduct user testing on their concepts, prototypes, mobile apps, messaging, content, campaigns, mobile websites, and applications.

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