User Testing for Mobile Apps

User Testing for mobile apps

Don’t let your mobile users run away from you. Mobile apps? Responsive mobile websites? Mockups, wireframes, high fidelity prototypes? Your users are mobile, so are you, and your user research needs to be also.

Don’t wait (your competitors won’t). Optimize the usability and user experience of your mobile apps in the easiest, most effective and cost efficient manner. Set up your first mobile app user test right now, in a matter of minutes, for free.

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Easy installation compatible with every Type of Project & Devices

NO SDK Required

You only have to select iOS or Android and include the URL where testers can find and download the app or where they can test your prototype.

Our unique mobile testing methodology achieves allows you to test your app without an SDK, and without exiting the target app, and also, without covering up valuable screen real estate with test instructions

You need to be able to User Test all types, makes and models of

devices and operating systems:

  • Android and iOS,
  • smartphones and tablets,
  • responsive websites or apps,
  • mockups and
  • wireframes.

and prototyping platform such as:

  • Axure,
  • Invision,
  • Proto,
  • Justinmind,
  • Mockplus

or as high fidelity prototypes on the Apple Appstore (TestFlight) or Google Play.

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Increase retention and decrease mobile app churn

You pay a very high cost of acquisition to get users to download your app. And most people use only a limited number of apps, and get rid of those they do not use frequently.

So, having participants onboard easily, be delighted with your features and intuitive design, be captivated by your mobile app’s visual and auditory look & feel, and be mesmerized by the user experience, is crucial to have them adopt your app and use it frequently, and become a high value client.


Small Samples & Iterative rather than Large Projects and Infrequent

You can do this on an iterative basis, with small samples of participants (Agile UX Testing) as your design moves from early stage design concepts through wireframes, high fidelity prototypes, alpha & beta testing and production launch and as you conduct post production launch conversion optimization.

It’s easy to receive quick turn around insights with the Userlytics state of the art mobile app user testing platform. Rather than planning a single test at the end of the design and development cycle, when it may be too late to effect significant design changes, you can apply small sample set user tests on your app at each stage of the design process.

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