Sample Clips

See how REAL PEOPLE interact with websites & applications

The Airbnb desktop study is an example of a remote picture-in-picture user experience test recording session. The participants follow instructions and answers questions as they interact with a live asset, a prototype or a competitor website or mobile app.

Real Desktop Example
See how real people interacting with a website or applications

The Kickstarter mobile study is also a full qualitative unmoderated UX test. Userlytics captures a picture-in-picture recording of the interaction of the participant, operating their native mobile device, as they follow instructions and answer questions.

Real Mobile Example

Userlytics Usability Testing Platform

Your analytics platform and heatmap tools have shown you where the conversion and usability issues are. Ready to find out why your customers and users are not converting the way they should, or finalizing your intended customer journey?

As you review the user experience test video sessions (capturing webcam + screen + audio + quantitative metrics), identify the key issues and comments that lead to insights on what is happening, why it’s happening, and what you might do to resolve the issue.

Launch a test for your website or app in 5 minutes!

Launch a test for your website or app in 5 minutes!

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    Create an account:

  • Step 2:

    Configure your test: Select if you want to test a prototype, a production app or website, a video or a set of mock ups, then choose your demographic filters and screening questions to find your target persona and finally use our easy drag & drop UI to set up your Test Script (Instructions & Questions).

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