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New Media Denver

Userlytics made the process so easy! As they effortlessly managed the “how” of testing, we were able to focus on the “what”. Without data, web designers work from assumptions. With data, the end user experience becomes relevant to design implementations."

New Media Denver

You have a great solution for customer testing!

Jonathan Sasse, Digital Entertainment Executive


I've been looking for a good and better-priced alternative for user testing for a while, and userlytics seemed to fit the bill really well. Having tried it, I have to say I'm really impressed with the software and with the support. This is very cool!

Fred Pike, Managing Director
Northwoods - www.northwoodsoft.com


Usability testing is something every web developer should be aware of as it allows for further improvement with users. After my experience with Userlytics, I can confidently say that they provide an excellent service for both small and large web development businesses. With the combination of Userlytics’ easy-to-use interface, access to amazing user insight, and terrific support staff, I can say that Userlytics is the best usability testing service my team and I have used thus far. Read more →

Zach Katkin, CEO and cofounder
Atilus - www.atilus.com


Userlytics is a superior usability testing service. With its clean website design (yes, I am reviewing them now), variety of testing options and AMAZING support staff, Userlytics provides web designers the best in user testing insight and feedback.

Kristen Bachmeier, Author
zincubate.com - www.zincubate.com

Zeta Interactive

Your service is FANTASTIC! It's exactly what I was looking for. The feedback is excellent and informative, and the presentation rocks. You guys have done a great job setting this up and making it useful, accessible, and just overall awesome. It's not often I get to wow our Creative Director with something on the IA side of the house, but today I did.

Jim Doria | Information Architect
Zeta Interactive


I had a great experience working with the Userlytics team. They were extremely knowledgeable and professional. I definitely plan on using them in the future for my clients, and only wish I had stumbled upon them sooner!

Vincent Mazza
Inflexion Interactive


I'm very impressed with the speed of results, 24-hour turnaround, and I'm also a bit surprised by the quality of the comments. Thinking out loud isn't something that's natural to most people and usually requires a moderator to pull things out, but most of the respondents were very good.

Greg Hipwell, Information Architect (UX)
Ignited - www.ignitedusa.com

Busse Design

Because of Userlytics, we literally saw how users explored our prototype site and heard their thoughts on our nomenclature within only a few days.

Joe Lagana, Executive Producer
Busse Design USA


Userlytics provided invaluable feedback which materially improved our website. We've doubled the number of sign-ups per month with the feedback from Userlytics.

Jon Olick, CEO
Oriku, Inc - www.fotofuze.com

sydney symphony

I found Userlytics a quick and cost-efficient way to understanding how our over-55 demographic navigated our website.

Kate Taylor, Online Marketing Manager
Sydney Symphony


Userlytics™ gave us the opportunity to clearly see what our customers thought about our website.


Fantastic! I must say it is an absolute pleasure to work with a professional company that has such a quick response.

Matthew Lasky

It is the perfect tool for usability testing. The results are fast and credible.

Kevin Sigliano
Internet Marketing Consultant

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