Optimizing SEO with User Testing

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Use Remote User Experience Testing to optimize your SEO

See your website's organic or paid search experience through your customer's eyes

Userlytics allows you to capture your customer's entire experience from when they start their search, to when they click on organic or PPC results, to when they reach your landing page or website, to when they reach your shopping cart or form fill out.

Web and Mobile analytics tells you what happened.

Now you can find out WHY it happened.

  • How do I uncover usability issues that are affecting conversions with specific keywords.
  • How do I discover insights on distinct customer group search preferences.
  • What is my customer and prospect thought process as they search and interact with my website, mobile app or landing page.
  • How can I benchmark my search engine marketing with that of the competition.
  • Why do my customers and prospects abandon a website or transaction.

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